‘Pizza’ to serve up campus discourse

‘Pizza’ to serve up campus discourse

Ortiz speaking to the crowd.

Have a burning question about something Cal Poly Pomona-related, Proposition 30 or the California State University as a whole?

University President Michael Ortiz and Associated Students, Inc. President Chris Osuala will answer students’ questions about these topics and more at the quarterly Pizza with the Presidents event on Thursday, Nov. 1.

Complete the feedback loop: Students are encouraged to gather at University Quad at noon and spend U-Hour engaging the campus officials who make decisions on their behalf. Students who desire to be directly involved in the discourse will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire to jumpstart the conversation.

Questions may be submitted in advance or live via Twitter by using the #askOrtiz or #askASI hashtags or by posting them to Cal Poly Pomona’s Facebook page.

The @calpolypomona Twitter account will publish answers live via Twitter as well.

ASI is expected to post a brief blog post regarding the whole event shortly after its conclusion to give individuals unable to attend an idea as to what was discussed.

For more information, visit csupomona.edu and asi.csupomona.edu