CPP registers to vote

CPP registers to vote

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney lookalikes were on campus on Monday, Oct. 15 in University Park to encourage students to vote at ASI’s #CPPVotes Voter Registration drive. 

The event was part of ASI student leaders’ efforts to register 1,000 students before the upcoming presidential election. At press time, 733 total students were registered with over 100 students registered at the event.

“We’re allowing students to use their power to vote and to make a difference,” said ASI President Chris Osuala.  “If they’re citizens, it’s part of their right.”

Students took advantage of this right and the free coffee offered by the convenience store 7-Eleven.

“The window of opportunity is closing for students to register to vote,” said Jordan Kittleson, Secretary of External Affairs.  “Especially with our incoming freshmen, sometimes they aren’t aware that they have a voice until it’s too late.”

ASI leaders will continue to register students throughout the week before Monday Oct. 22, the last day to vote before the upcoming election. Students can register on Tuesday and Thursday in the Bronco Student Center during U-hour, or at Wednesday’s Educate the Vote event.

For more information on ASI’s voter registration efforts, visit asi.csupomona.edu.