How to get back into school mode

How to get back into school mode

It’s September and for Broncos that means one important thing: Classes are starting up again soon. Whether you took classes over the summer, worked or went on vacation, there are a few important steps to take to ensure a successful transition into the academic year.

Enjoy summer: Most students start the summer excited to make the most of their free time with the activities they enjoy doing. Have you checked off every activity on your summer bucket list? Be sure to make time for that one last beach trip or concert around Pomona before school starts and your schedule becomes filled with deadlines.

Speaking of deadlines, start to anticipate due dates by reading through any syllabi that have already been posted. Write down the dates for midterms and finals, as well as when papers and projects are due. Whether your planning method of choice includes a paper planner, smartphone, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, or all of the above, it’s imperative to plan ahead.

Purchase school supplies: While this step can be heavy on your bank account, it can also be exciting. Purchase any necessary books for the quarter and get a head start on required reading. This is helpful to ensure comprehension of course material even before the first day of class. In addition, purchase any other materials for classes such as notebooks, binders and highlighters.

Prepare for classes: After organizing the material for each of your classes, find the location of each course and allocate enough time to get to each one. In addition, look at your schedule and see where there are any gaps in between classes. This time can be utilized to study, attend club meetings or work.

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