Erin O’Brien: Latest Addition to Gas Creative Group

Erin O’Brien: Latest Addition to Gas Creative Group


New staff writer at Gas Creative Group.

Erin O’Brien is a new writer at Gas Creative Group. She is a fourth-year communication student pursuing her journalism dreams with each exciting opportunity.

What made you want to apply to Gas Creative Group?
I had been in the Gas office before and I noticed that it’s a very fun environment, but it’s also well organized. I like both aspects of that. I wanted to get involved and broaden my experience to marketing as well.

What are you most looking forward to during the upcoming academic year?
I’m looking forward to learning more about campus and being able to promote the services that are available to students through ASI. I also want to get more involved on campus through the cultural centers and volunteer at their events.

What is your favorite Cal Poly Pomona experience?
Mitchel Anderson’s buzzer-beater was really exciting. I heard it go off and saw everyone rushing the court. It was exciting to see everyone so excited about Cal Poly Pomona. I was standing in the stands and it was one of the only basketball games that I’ve been to. After that, I decided that I have to go to more events.

What else are you involved in on campus?
I was involved in ASI BEAT from 2010-11 and I was in the music committee at the time. That was really fun because I got to help out with putting on concerts such as Session A — a hip hop night — and Open Mic Nights. That year, I also got involved with the Poly Post by being a freelance writer. That was really good because I got to meet a lot of new people and decided that I should really follow my dream of writing. Last year I was the news editor of the Poly Post.

What is your favorite location at Cal Poly Pomona and why?
I really like the Japanese Garden because it is very beautiful and peaceful. It’s a good spot to just sit by a tree and read for awhile. It would also be good to walk around with friends. For some of my photo assignments for classes, we have taken pictures of different aspects of nature. I also always like seeing the ducks.

What are your hobbies?
I like reading a lot, which not only includes books but newspapers and blogs. I really like magazines including fashion magazines. I like listening to music: pop, rock, some punk, pretty much anything except rap and not too much country. I like all kinds of concerts, usually smaller shows.

What inspires you?
My family inspires me and encourages me to strive for more and go for bigger things. I have one older brother and two older sisters and they have had a lot to do with me growing up.

What is your favorite place in the world and why?
I’m sure there are a lot of places that I haven’t been to that would be really great to visit, but my favorite place is wherever I am with the people that are most important to me. My family — including my aunts and uncles and cousins on both sides and my close friends — are all really important to me. Some of my favorite places go with my family are Laguna Beach and Seal Beach. Last Monday, I went to Seal Beach with my family and we always go to a certain pizza place called Slice of New York Pizza.

What is your favorite ASI event and why?
I really liked BroncoFusion last year. I was super excited for Finish Ticket to play. I had seen the lead singer play at things on campus a few months before and I had heard their music online but I hadn’t seen them perform yet and I was jumping up and down when they were on stage.

What other concerts have you been to?
The Gaslight Anthem is one of my favorite bands and I saw them when I was a freshman. I saw Rancid in February and it was cool seeing them.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
I liked Belle as a kid because she was always reading.