What’s New in the BSC

What’s New in the BSC

Bronco Student Center

While the campus seemed a bit lonesome this summer, except for the storm of orientation students, ASI and the Bronco Student Center continued to provide programs and services for the summer school students, faculty and staff. A few new developments also took place in the BSC this summer, as ASI continued to prep for fall quarter 2010. Let’s take a look at some of the new things the BSC will now offer to returning students this fall…

What better way to be informed on current campus events and announcements than via the BSC’s flat screen TV’s throughout the building. The newly revised digital signage system has been improved to keep all students connected to ASI and campus activities for their convenience.

Speaking of flat screen TV’s, stop by Games Room Etc. and enjoy the comfy lounge areas while watching some Monday Night Football. The Games Room not only plays hosts to video gamers and entertainment ticket sales, but they’ve also improved their ambiance by providing a relaxing atmosphere for students to chill out, hang with friends and flip channels on one of their new six flat screen TV’s.

Don’t want to watch TV? The Games Room now offers magazine rentals on popular mags such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vogue, People, Rolling Stone, GQ, ESPN and InStyle. All you need is your I.D. Don’t forget that the Games Room also continues to provide discounted tickets to all your favorite places of summer fun like Sea World, Disneyland, Raging Waters, Catalina, and much more. In September, NASCAR and LA County Fair tickets will be available. So save some money and have some fun while summer is still around!

Recycle much? Did you know the BSC is now the first building on campus to provide the campus community with the school’s first “Dream Machine” recycling center? Not only can you recycle your cans and bottles, but points can be redeemed for discounts around campus (starting in the fall) or for entertainment, dining and travel coupons at Greenopolis.com. Each point equals one cent of CRV. How cool is that? And if that is not enough to convince you that ASI goes green in the most coolest ways, this summer the BSC Beautification Project will commission CPP student artists to design our recycle bins that will promote and encourage the importance of keeping our earth beautiful starting with recycling on our campus.

This fall you will also have noticed that the much loved Visitor’s Center has relocated to the CLA building (98). They still offer tours and services, so stop by their new office for more information.

Summertime is also the time of year where everybody wants to get their bod in shape. The Bronco Fitness Center continued to offer students, faculty and staff the opportunities to keep their frame in shape. Long work days this summer made it difficult to find time to workout during the week and the Fitness Center’s mid-day boot camp and dance classes were tailored to meet those long summer work and class schedules. Catch up with the fitness center on their Facebook or Twitter to hear about their latest specials and promotions.

So now that you heard just a few of the BSC’s new and continued services, stop by our building and check out our new exterior signage, or for more updates and information on how to take advantage of ASI’s offerings, check out our new website to be launched this fall quarter! Yes that’s right, ASI has a new look and feel to make our web experience that much better. Visit us at www.asi.csupomona.edu and check out what you’ve been missing.