The Bronco Bucket List

The Bronco Bucket List

Billy Bronco!

You are a student. You are a Cal Poly Pomona student. You, like me, want to soak up the most out of this campus before you graduate. You want the full college experience.

As a graduating Bronco, I feel I haven’t taken full advantage of what our campus has to offer and in just a couple of weeks it’ll all be over. I got caught up worrying about other things and forgot to soak up the best of what college has to offer until my last year here. In the few years I’ve been a Bronco, I’ve only completed three of the items on this list and plan on crossing off a few more in the next week. I wish I would have come up with this list sooner which is the reason for sharing The Bronco Bucket List for everyone. After talking with friends and fellow Broncos, I felt it was a must to share.

Below are some activities you may want to cross off your list before graduating:

  • Hike over to the CPP letters (warning: it looks closer than it appears).
  • Pet the horses at the Arabian Horse Center (but just don’t feed them).
  • Pick fresh strawberries in the fields near the Farm Store (they’re in season right now).
  • Take a picture with Billy Bronco.
  • Visit the campus alligator (or caiman to be exact) at Bio Trek.
  • Have a five-star lunch at the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch by the Collins College. (Did you know it’s $15 for a three-course meal at every first opening of the quarter?!)
  • Check out the view from the top floor of the CLA building.
  • Attend Midnight Madness for the first or last time (the next Midnight Madness is June 1)!
  • Take advantage of the the free Student Health Services the campus has to offer.
  • Own some Bronco gear (sweater, t-shirt, keychain, license plate frame, etc.).

Within the last few weeks of my senior year, I had wished I had done more to get the best out of our college and hope that this list serves its purpose in urging students to want the same.

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