Applications open for appointed student government positions

Applications open for appointed student government positions

attorney general

Students may now submit applications for appointed Associated Students, Inc. Student Government positions.

The positions available are treasurer and assistant treasurer, attorney general and assistant attorney general, secretary of internal affairs, secretary of external affairs, secretary of education and secretary of sustainability.

For descriptions and a comprehensive breakdown of the duties for each position, click here.

Students applying for the positions must maintain a 2.0 GPA, have attended 2 quarters at Cal Poly Pomona, taken at least nine units for credit, be in good standing with the Office of Judicial Affairs and not exceed the unit load maximum.

Applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

“An appointed student leader gets the opportunity to serve students through a broad scope of services,” said ASI President Johnathan Jianu. “They may deal with matters of external outreach or take care of business within ASI and work with the campus community to make Cal Poly Pomona a better place.”

Added Jianu: “They fill a role in shared governance with the campus community, develop as professional leaders, gain valuable experience and work on diverse projects that they would not normally undertake as undergraduates.”

Some positions include a scholarship that can offset some of their college expenses.

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