Students Say It: Bronco Swag

Students Say It: Bronco Swag

Bronco swag

Bronco fashion can be described with either brag-worthy words of ownership or with a simple grin, but what motivates students to showcase their campus pride? Walking around campus, I’ve noticed some of us wear Bronco swag and many of us don’t. I am one of the students that own a Bronco sweater as part of my pajama ensemble, but rarely do I ever wear my swag to campus. After asking a few students at Cal Poly Pomona about what they thought of their Bronco swag, here’s what I found.

Sitting inside the ASI’s home base, the Bronco Student Center (BSC), William Smit quietly working on his laptop was spotted wearing his Cal Poly Pomona Electrical Engineering heather grey cotton-washed tee to display pride for his major.

With a quick shrug and grin, he responded with “I just like electrical engineering!”

Wearing the classic black sweater stitched with green & gold Cal Poly Pomona letters, senior accounting student, Jason Ly proudly divulged that he not only owned the sweater he was wearing, but that he also purchased sweaters for his parents and sister to wear to commencement this quarter.

“I like to take pride in the school I go to.” It seems he also wants his dog to feel the same. The next thing on his list is Cal Poly Pomona pet swag for the family dog – which he wishes the school offered.

Ly also owns a Cal Poly Pomona baseball jersey – featuring a white button down with green short sleeves – which he wears when he feels like hitting the batting cages.

Now to some students, the graphic aspect comes into major consideration before owning some Bronco threads.

Angelica Villareal, senior journalism student, shared her thoughts on the designs of Bronco clothing with, “I really like the designs, but think the graphics could be more creative.”

She further suggests original vintage-style graphic designs for Bronco clothing to encourage the varying tastes and styles that students exhibit on campus.

Wanting to display group Bronco spirit, Tiffany Tham owns matching Cal Poly Pomona Engineering sweaters with her friends to display their pride together – although she is an accounting student.

Tham claims that the other sweater styles were not to their liking and that she doesn’t appreciate “dead grass colors.”

Aside from the way it looks through color and design, how about the way it feels?

On the topic of fabric, Ana Ortega, senior geography student, shared her distaste for the “stiff boxy” fabric used on some of the t-shirts and would replace them with softer cotton and sheer fabric.

Bronco clothing… you either choose to wear it or you don’t. Regardless of whom we are or what we choose to wear, we all share one thing in common – our unpredictable range of thoughts on fashion.