‘Water Diamond’ project to create awareness

‘Water Diamond’ project to create awareness

Brea resident and landscape artist Travis Gramberg is bringing a truly unique exhibition to the atrium in the Bronco Student Center.

Expected to be completed during Spring Break, Gramberg’s “Water Diamond” endeavors to bring awareness to the nearly 1 billion people on Earth who don’t have access to clean water.

Gramberg’s work will consist of suspended Morning Glory vines that students can help grow by providing their own clean water.

“The true joy of my work resides in the life that is generated from my creation,” said Gramberg, who is a Cal Poly Pomona alumnus with a degree in landscape architecture. “The excitement in my work develops once it is [subjected] to the environment — when the art work is no longer under my control — but under the control of insects, vegetation, mammals, seasons, and time.”

Students can also donate to the Water Foundation and help save a life. To find out more, email mflemington@csupomona.edu

For more information, visit asi.csupomona.edu and facebook.com/TeeToTheGee