Getting ‘the scoop’ at Cal Poly Pomona

Getting ‘the scoop’ at Cal Poly Pomona

As a college student, it might be difficult to remain totally aware of what’s going on in the world around you. You’ve become so invested in your studies and social life that you might hear about a newsworthy event after it has already staled.

There’s really nothing wrong with missing a beat every now and then, but it’s important and beneficial to be informed of events if they’re coming up or have already happened. Whether it’s international, national, local or Cal Poly Pomona news, the events that journalists report on are relevant to your life or the life of someone you know.

Staying on top of campus news is easy and helps you stay aware of what’s going on in your most relevant community. Here’s four resources you can use to learn more about what’s going on at Cal Poly Pomona:

The Poly Post

Although it stands out from other campus publications as Cal Poly Pomona’s only printed newspaper, The Poly Post – staffed entirely by students under the advisement of one part-time faculty member  – has made a hard push toward diversifying the ways it delivers news.

With social media such as Facebook and Twitter sufficing the backbone of its operation – the physical newspaper itself – The Poly Post is not only a dependable source of news from around campus, but also news originating from outside of the Cal Poly Pomona community – whether it’s in a rally in Downtown Pomona, or California State Student Association advocacy efforts in Sacramento.

“The Poly Post tries to provide the latest news, but it accepts story ideas from students, too,” said Cecily Arambula, editor-in-chief of The Poly Post. “It’s important to run stories that students submit because that’s what they want to read.”

The diversity of coverage and adherence to journalistic principles such as truth and objectivity make the Poly Post a definite go-to for your Cal Poly Pomona news. Submit your story ideas and visit The Poly Post at its main website:


If you’re reading this right now, welcome to ASInside.

As the Associated Students, Inc.’s (ASI) dedicated online publication, ASInside is your first reference to news regarding ASI. Its primary mission is to inform you about how the money you pay to ASI with your quarterly tuition transforms into fun events and convenient services.

ASInside’s writers and photographers — who are students just like you — work to not only inform, but also document ASI’s events and activities that only exist for the benefit of you, the Cal Poly Pomona student. In other words, ASInside is just one of the embodiments of ASI’s motto: “Students Serving Students.”

ASInside provides “Who, what, when, where and why?” about whatever is going on with ASI, whether it’s an upcoming First Friday event or how ASI’s collaboration with the California State Student Association will benefit you.

If you’re curious about who actually runs ASI, ASInside generates unique personality profiles called “Spotlights” that provide important insights into the lives of the students and staff that ASI employs.

If you want to learn more about ASI, what it’s doing and what it plans to do, consider ASInside your trusted source for answers. If you have a question or want to know more, be sure to contact us.


Providing university news out of the Office of Public Affairs, PolyCentric is integral to the Cal Poly Pomona’s communication with its students.

Campus-wide news and issues ranging from the latest theatre production, to substantial donations and Pizza With The Presidents are often promoted and covered through PolyCentric.

PolyCentric also releases public service announcements that help keep students informed and aware of spreading illnesses, potentially dangerous weather conditions and other circumstances that might endanger students.

For more information, visit:

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to catch wind of the latest news. There’s no doubt that if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, at least one of your friends is posting links to articles that he or she finds interesting and wants to share.

It’s convenient to have all of your news come in at one place, as opposed to visiting news sites individually. It’s even this convenience factor that has driven nearly every news-gathering organization to post content on Facebook and Twitter.

While ASInside and PolyCentric post respectively on Facebook through ASI and Cal Poly Pomona’s page, The Poly Post has set up its account as a “person” that you can “friend” on Facebook.

“Friend” The Poly Post on Facebook and “Like” Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) to stay on top of university news that affects you.

You can also “follow” these news outlets as they post on Twitter:

Do you have a favorite news source? Which one do you visit daily? Share your thoughts here.