ASI Outreach Tour Promotes “Made in the CSU” Campaign

On Thursday, April 29, ASI Student Government Leaders held another event as part of their ongoing Outreach Tour, an effort to show the students what ASI is doing for them. The most recent edition of the Outreach Tour events focused on the “Made in the CSU Campaign,” a campaign by the California State Student Association (CSSA) designed to inform the public of the value of the CSU while advocating for student rights and more funding for higher education.

ASI has been championing the “Made in the CSU” campaign, and in last Thursday‘s event, any student with a question about the campaign or the Outreach Tour was able to get a free “Made in the CSU” t-shirt. Overall the event brought more awareness to the students of CPP, both about ASI’s constant effort to invest in the students, as well as CSSA’s attempts to secure more funding for higher education in California.