A Campus Commitment to Measuring Student Learning

About six years ago, our Cal Poly Pomona president made a university-wide commitment to model our university into a stronger learning-centered institution that would support learning for all members of the campus community by fostering an evidence-based culture of continuous improvement. On Wednesday, April 28 in the Bronco Student Center’s Ursa Major Suite, the “Stories of Successful Learning” event reinforced the relationship between the university’s commitment and how each division in the university has developed a plan to demonstrate its commitment to Cal Poly Pomona’s “becoming a learning-centered institution.”

It’s with great pleasure that Associated Students, Inc. takes part in this annual event to demonstrate that our organization is supporting the educational mission of CPP and is a partner in providing a student-centered learning environment. Through student government, student-led programming, student employment and student involvement, ASI seeks to provide students with a learn-by-doing experience in every aspect of the organization. Since research shows the direct correlation between student involvement and academic success, it has been ASI’s responsibility to provide empirical evidence of student-learning through co-curricular involvement with ASI.

Stories of Successful Learning isn’t an event to hold departments accountable at measuring learning outcomes, it’s a celebration of the diverse ways in which students learn at CPP. From graphic arts, operations, environmental science and culinary arts, students are taking what they learn in the classroom and putting it to practice. “It’s our campus commitment to provide students with a quality learning environment that is meaningful,” says Dr. Claudia Pinter-Lucke, associate vice president for academic programs and chair of the event.

As more and more students graduate each year, it is CPP’s mission to graduate practitioners that are integrative thinkers and model leaders. To find out more about Stories of Successful Learning, contact Claudia Pinter-Lucke at (909) 869-3328. To see all of the University’s Learning Outcomes, visit http://www.csupomona.edu/~academic/programs/programreview/univ-outcomes.shtml.