Live Basketball Viewings at the BSC Contribute to Campus Pride

The Bronco Student Center played its part these past few weeks in the Men’s Basketball Division II National Championship win with live viewings of the games leading up to and including the championship. Students were able to come out to the BSC and watch the games live on a large projector screen, with speech professor Richard Anderson from the Communications Department announcing the game play-by-play.

ASI’s Susan Ashe, associate director for programs and marketing, helped coordinate the events, which provided the attendees with free snacks and sodas and saw a good turnout of students. Ashe coordinated the viewings in the BSC during the Broncos efforts to win the national championship last year, where she said the events were more put together on a whim. This year, Ashe made sure to use her experience from past attempts to help make this year’s events a success, despite being during exams and spring break.

Ashe went on to say, “It was amazing to see the diversity of students that came out this year, it wasn’t just the athletics students who were training at the time, it was faculty, staff and all kinds of people interested in attending the viewings. It was a great way to bring the campus community together.”

Pouya Khodadoust, a second-year business major who attended one of the viewings agreed with Ashe, saying “Events like these really allow students to show their Bronco spirit, something I think can improve the level of student involvement on campus.” The increased participation can really be seen, as students around campus are observed rocking their “NCAA Champions” t-shirts and the recent pep rally getting a record student turnout.

Even the basketball team itself has noticed the improvement. At the pep rally, Donnelle Booker, the 6’5” junior guard for the Bronco’s, said, “We came back to a welcome reception; I’ve never seen so many students together in one place showing Bronco spirit … I hope this can lead to campus participation and support at other events.”

The live viewings, the pep rally and the increased Bronco spirit on campus are hopefully signs toward a student trend of increasing pride for the CPP campus.

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