ASI Recognizes Our Years of Service Recipients

ASI Recognizes Our Years of Service Recipients

Each year during Fall Convocation, the annual Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Years of Service Recognition ceremony honors the tradition of celebrating CPP employees who have served at the university during milestone years. This year, we are proud to acknowledge and celebrate FOUR Associated Students Inc. (ASI) professional staff members who have dedicated years to the organization. We are pleased to highlight Melissa Terrazas, Sylvia Saavedra-Peterson, Louisa Keyes, and Kimberly Sumida!

Melissa Terrazas

Melissa Terrazas holding a pin

Photo via Cal Poly Pomona

Sylvia Saavedra-Peterson

Sylvia Saavedra-Peterson holding a pin

Photo via Cal Poly Pomona

  • Years of Service: 15 years
  • ASI Department: Children’s Center
  • On her time at ASI: “My favorite moments are when we do Pancakes and Pajamas every December. It is also nice getting to know all of our student parents and helping them feel comfortable leaving their children with us so they can continue/finish their education.”

Louisa Keyes

Louisa Keyes holding a pin

Photo via Cal Poly Pomona

  • Years of Service: 10 years
  • ASI Department: Financial Services
  • On her time at ASI: “My time at ASI has been amazing. I started with only banking experience. Financial Services took a chance on me and hired me as Accounts Receivable/vault cashier, and I will always be grateful. I have been here ten years, and it seems like just yesterday that I started. “

Kimberly Sumida

Kimberly Sumida holding a pin

Photo Via Cal Poly Pomona

  • Years of Service: 10
  • ASI Department: Marketing, Design, and Public Relations
  • On her time at ASI: “Reflecting on my time at ASI, my most valuable contribution is the impact on my students. Each day, I transform lives by preparing students for success during school and beyond. I’ve readied them for the professional world, resulting in many of them securing jobs or internships right after graduation. Guiding them through their CPP journey, I’ve mentored and connected them with vital resources. Since graduating, I’ve maintained meaningful friendships, witnessing their career growth, personal achievements, and happiness. I’m fortunate to engage in this work and eagerly anticipate its continuation.”

We thank our Years of Service recipients for their time, dedication, and passion for ASI! You can learn more about the CPP Years of Service Recognition and all recipients here.