Spring 2023 Intramural Sports Recap

Spring 2023 Intramural Sports Recap

The Spring 2023 Intramural (IM) Sports season has come to a close! Do you know what that means? This is your one-stop-shop for reading student testimonials, seeing what teams participated, and (drum roll please) THE SPRING 2023 IMS CHAMPIONS! Student hanging on to basketball hoop.

How has Intramurals impacted your college experience?

“Intramurals helped me make more friends, specifically in the basketball community and because of this, I am now on the club team. Intramurals is something that I look forward to every week just because I get to play with my friends.” Danielle Galicia, Co-Rec and Women’s basketball player

“Joining Intramurals was beneficial to my college experience because it helped me make new friends and meet new people on campus. It also gave me a chance to play a sport I love with my friends.” – Tiarra Phillips, Women’s volleyball player

“I thought Intramurals was a lively and fun way to connect to new people. Not only were the vibes positive and welcoming, but it also brought a good rush of competition to the students.” – Nico Remedios, Co-Rec basketball co-captain

7v7 Flag Football Student running in a flag football game

Co-Rec Results:

First place: Fumble This

Second place: 4 Score and 7 Beers ago

Men’s Results: 

First place: M2S

Second place: Cat Boyz

Teams in alphabetical order: 4 Score and 7 Beers ago, BSC Benchwarmers, Cat Boyz, Fumble This, M2S, The G.R. Boys, The Gamecocks

Basketball Student shooting a free throw with others waiting in a game of basketball.

Co-Rec Results: 

First place: LaChello’s Last String

Second place: Swoop-A-Star

Men’s Results: 

First place: Helen Kellers Flight Club

Second place: ΦΚΤ

Women’s Results: 

First place: 2 EZ

Second place: Splash Sistas

Teams in alphabetical order: 2 EZ, A2F Basketball, Ball Handlers, Basketball Team, Benchwarmers, Bieber Fever, Blocked By Taquavion, CASHAPPPP, Certified Lover Girls, Certified Lover Girls, Dawgs, Dunkin Dolma, Flying Squirrels, Fruity Hoops, Gato de Noche, GuangDong Tigers, Helen Kellers Flight Club, HER LOSS, LaChello’s Last String, Let Him Cook, Most Hated, NSU, Pi Kappa Alpha, Rutabaga, SigEp, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Skittle Squad, Splash Sistas, Swish Kebabs, Swoop-A-Star, The Backyardigans, The Biggest H, The Gladiators, TKE, Ur Mom, VRC, ΦΚΤ

Indoor SoccerStudents playing soccer.

Co-Rec Results: 

First place: REFS FC

Second place: SHPE

Men’s Results:

First place: Alphas

Second place: North Korea United

Teams in alphabetical order: Alphas, Chelsea, Chivas, Clogged Toilet, Corridos Tumbados, HU Pigeons, LA BRONCOS, LA Troncos, Locals, Mac n cheese, North Korea United, NSU, P-Town, Pi Kappa Alpha, REFS FC, Rhino RC, SCWBS FC, SHPE, SHPE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SUUUIIIIIII, Wonder Pets

Softball Student swinging the bat in a softball game.

Co-Rec Results: 

First place: One Hit Wonders

Second place: Oozma Kappa

Teams in alphabetical order: Bad News Broncos, First Reponders, Los Doyers, One Hit Wonders, Oozma Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Soupies

Sport Climbing Student climbing the Bronco Peak.

Teams in alphabetical order: -_toot_-, BRIC Bomb Squad, Hehehaha, Juicy Jugs, Morris’ Minions, Scuba Squad, Whip & Rally, Whos Fallin in love(down)

Volleyball  Two volleyball players jumping to block someone hitting a volleyball.

Co-Rec Results:

First place: Kiss My Ace

Second place: knee support

Women’s Results: 

First place: Hits ‘N Giggles

Second place: Chi Omega

Teams in alphabetical order: Darrel Chang, E.Z Pass, halo halo hitters, Kiss My Ace, knee support, Let Them Cook, Mount Olympus, Nekoma, NSU Volleyball Team, Pi Kapp x AXID, she love 223, Submissive & Breedable, The Power Nappers, Yeeeeerrrrrr

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