Student Spotlight: All About Marissa

Student Spotlight: All About Marissa

Associated Students Inc. (ASI) is a breeding ground for student development and perfectly exemplifies Cal Poly Pomona’s (CPP) learn-by-doing initiative. With around 500 student jobs, ASI gives students opportunities to gain “real world” skills while earning their degree. Marissa Lepe is an amazing example of what being part of ASI can do to help students achieve their goals. 


Marissa Lepe flashing a thumbs up while sitting at a BEAT event

Marissa Lepe tabling a BEAT event

Lepe is a third-year Civil Engineering major who started her career with ASI as a Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) Student Activities Assistant in June of 2022. It is within ASI and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) that Lepe found the courage to apply for a dream structural analysis internship with the Griffith Company.  

When asked how ASI has prepared her for her internship or any roles she might take on in the future, Lepe answered, “Since engineering is a big team-heavy environment, you must be able to communicate if something is wrong such as ordering the wrong parts or calculating wrong. You must be able to communicate that to see a successful project clearly,” Lepe explained. “Learning to communicate clearly through ASI is great because it will be beneficial for my engineering career.” 

Lepe stated, “It has also taught me new skills such as Excel, emailing vendors, and talking to people I would not normally talk to.” Communication is an essential skill for any professional, and it is not always explicitly taught in courses. Lepe confirmed, “It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and overall has taught me great people and communication skills.”  

Lepe found her structural analysis internship through the SWE and felt compelled to apply immediately, as she felt her experience gave her a have a good chance at getting the internship. Lepe had a very rigorous interview process that consisted of several interviews and found out she secured the role on Thanksgiving Day.  

She expressed that ASI played a key role in her obtaining this internship. Her supervisors wanted to help her succeed; they even reviewed her cover letters, resumes, and provided letters of recommendation. She also indicated that without ASI, she would not have been able to demonstrate her teamwork and communication skills throughout the interview process. 

As a BEAT Student Activities Assistant, Lepe is always busy and describes her experience as rewarding and the most fun she has ever had. Lepe says Line Dancing and Bronco Fright Fest were among her favorite events to take part in. “I got to interact with new people and watch them enjoy something new like learning how to line dance and paint pumpkins,” Lepe explained. She also loves the fact that she gets to watch her, and her teammates’ hard work pay off, making the job much more enjoyable.  

5 students dressed in different costumes participating in the costume contest

Students participating in the Fright Fest costume contest


BEAT’s main goal with these events is to ensure students are stress-free, have fun, and make lasting memories, which is why she describes her role as the best college experience she has had thus far.  

Lepe wants people who are thinking about getting involved with ASI to remember to be open-minded and ready to communicate with people. Lastly, Lepe mentions, “more than most of the time these events are the best part of someone’s day, so making sure you are ready to put the necessary care into your position is so important because the students’ experience comes first.”  



Marissa is leading her two other coworkers how to line dance

Marissa line dancing with her two other coworkers


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