Fall 2022 Intramural Sports Recap

Fall 2022 Intramural Sports Recap

Playing sports with friends, making memories, and a trophy? Say less! As the fall 2022 Intramural (IM) Sports season has come to an end, here is your recap. With over 1,000 participants and 100 teams, it’s safe to say that this semester’s leagues were a success!

A yellow and blue scoreboard.

“What was your favorite part of Intramurals this semester?”

“I love how it creates a perfect environment for making friends and developing stronger relationships!” Donnie Blaszczyk, Co-Rec Volleyball Co-Captain

“My favorite part was cheering on my friends as they played! It was cool seeing everyone hype each other up and IMs really created that space for us to do so.” – Rei Jairus David, Co-Rec Dodgeball Player

“I love being able to see people play again especially after IMS pretty much being dead during last semester. One of the most enjoyable parts too are seeing teams getting better as the season goes on!” Caleb Jala-Guinto, Intramural Sports Official

7v7 Flag Football

One student throwing a football and others attempting to grab his flag in a game of football.

With over 200 participants, this year’s intramural flag football games were NO FUMBLE! Close calls and lots of teamwork led to stronger friendships and lasting memories.

Co-Rec Results:

First place: No Punt Intended

Second place: Team Work Order

Men’s Results:

First place: Sigma Chi

Second place: I’M HIM.

Women’s/Greek Results:

First place: Chi Omega

Second place: Sigma Kappa

Teams in alphabetical order: BSC Benchwarmers, Cat Boys Fraternity, Cheggineers, Chi Omega, I’M HIM., Kappa Delta, No Punt Intended, Phi Kappa Tau, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Team Work Order, The Gamecocks, TKE

7v7 Soccer

A group of guys wearing gray jerseys smiling with a trophy.

GOOOOOOAL!! This semester’s Broncos let their feet do the talking to see who would win the title of IMS Soccer Champs.

Co-Rec Results:

First place: Broncos Co-Rec

Second place: VRC

Men’s Results:

First place: FC Cal poly

Second place: North Korea United

Teams in alphabetical order: 2 goals 1 cup, ABCDE FC, Broncos Co-Rec, CEMA, Chosen Ones, El Equipo, FC Cal poly, Free Agents, Friendly Foes, Fuerza Regida, GG EZ, HU Pigeons, Locals, North Korea United, Oozma Kappa, Pi Kappa Alpha, Seagulls FC, SigEp, VRC


Group of basketball players in grey basketball jerseys holding a trophy.

The KEY to a good game of basketball are good friends and lots of supporters. Guess what? That’s what we got! With loud crowds and loud scoreboards, it created a great atmosphere for building friendships and lasting memories.

Co-Rec Results:

First place: Nose Pick and Roll

Second place: Fruity Hoops

Men’s Results:

First place: Not the Free Agents

Second place: The Gladiators

Teams in alphabetical order: Babes, BiG Bassett Hounds, Black Tiger, Blocked By Taquavion, Blue Mondays, CAD Mafia, certified lover girls, East High Wildcats, Easy Money, Fruity Hoops, Fruity Pebbles, HU Pigeons, Kwanshi, lpha Kappa Sigma, Make ‘Em Dance Lance, Nose Pick and Roll, Not the Free Agents, NSU team, Omak, Out of Time, Pi Kappa Alpha, Shake Shaq, Shoulda Been Records, SigEp, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SIOPAO SHAWTIES, Skittle Squad, Team BDE, The Gladiators, Tokyo Drift, Who’s next?

Boulder League

Aerial view of a climber hanging from a rock wall.

Fellow climbers raced in teams to see who the best climber is. Where? At the tallest climbing wall in the CSU system of course.


First place: I Love Tony C.

Second place: V6 MAFIA

Teams in alphabetical order: gregnant, Gumby Hunters, High Balls, I Love Tony C., Morpho Boys, poopoopeepee, Rock Bottom, Rock Stars 🤩, Sigma Tau Delta, Staff Infection, The Plastics, V6 MAFIA


White chess pieces on a chessboard.

CHECKMATE! In an old-fashioned battle to find out who will be named King or Queen (but in this case IMS Champion)


First place: Stockfish 15

Second place: Joe’s Gambit

Teams in alphabetical order: F+, Joe’s Gambit, Stockfish 15


 Students running towards colored dodgeballs.

Stop, drop, and THROW. These dodgeball players were throwing FIRE BALLS! With intense aim and quick reflexes, it was impossible to look away from the game.

Co-Rec Results:

First place: Don’t Stop Ballieving

Second place: Darrel Chang

Teams in alphabetical order: Don’t Stop Ballieving, VRC, Santa’s Elves, Sigma Tau Delta, Jewel Mafia, Pick an appropriate name, THE BALLS, City Boysss, Darrel Chang, Free Agents


A group of students wearing Intramural Champion shirts smiling with a trophy.

This semester’s volleyball teams really PASSED expectations, SET standards for next semester, and were a HIT!

Co-Rec Results:

First place: Schmeckle Snatchers

Second place: ski Bros

Men’s Results:

First place: Free Shirts Community

Second place: NetTooHigh

Residential’s Results:

First place: Alamitos/Aliso

Second place: Montanas/Luna

Teams in alphabetical order: Alamitos/Aliso, ASME, Bonita/Sol/Estrella, Bounce Town, BRIC GOONS, BSC baddies, Encinitas/Montecito, Free Shirts Community, halo-halo hitters, Montanas/Luna, Nekoma, NetTooHigh, Noo Kappa, NSU Team 1, NSU Team 2, Pi Kapp x AXID, Point Guards, Revit Monkey, Schmeckle Snatchers, Secoya/Sicomoro, SERV-IVORS, ski Bros, The Beans, VolleyBallers, VRC, water bored, ZLAMMERS

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