Serving the community, one hot dog at a time

Serving the community, one hot dog at a time

Students recieved free hotdogs and sodas at the hotdog Caper; some took two.

The 28th Annual Hot Dog Caper took place on Sept. 27 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at University Park. Lines began to form early on in the event and persisted throughout its duration as Cal Poly Pomona students waited anxiously for their delicious, FREE food.

This event didn’t just end at free hot dogs; Associated Students, Inc. gave away ice cream sandwiches and Athletics served drinks. This was a big day for the entire campus community as all hands were on deck to serve 17,280 hot dogs to 10,000 students. Anyone and everyone was at the Hot Dog Caper.

We had 300 student and staff volunteers from various sectors of campus life including Administration, University Housing Services, Student Government, etc. Sponsors such as Matt’s Run, ATT&T, Costco and Hoffy tabled at the event and gave away free swag to students. University Park was bumpin’ with the sounds of DJ Papa Burgundy on the turntables and the Farm Store representatives were keeping students hydrated and energized with their famous oranges. Needless to say, University Park was the place to be.

“It’s the one time in the year when the majority of the student body seems to be here. It feels like there’s a campus community. This event makes you feel like you’re part of the university rather than just attending classes,” says third year architecture major Alexander Bouroukis.

President Ortiz also chimed in on the topic of coming together as a university while he served hot dogs. “We are all one big community and this is a chance for it to be built,” Ortiz said.

Fourth year hotel and restaurant management major Justine Budisantoso loved seeing the faculty, staff and Administrators in a different light and particularly enjoyed President Ortiz’s wiener hat. Justine’s favorite part of the Hot Dog Caper was “getting to see what our university does for us. You get to see our faculty and staff serving the students in more than just the educational setting.”

Students weren’t the only ones enjoying themselves. Sam Berry, who has been a custodian at University Housing Services for 12 years, loves this event. “I saw about 20 residents that I haven’t seen in three or four years that live off campus or in the suites.”

First year computer information systems major Kaylin Murray captured the event in one phrase: “you have to be here to feel the energy, if not, you’re missing out.”

There you have it; you’ve heard from the students, staff, and even the president of our university; the Hot Dog Caper is a Cal Poly Pomona trademark that builds community, engages students and promotes cross-campus interactions. Make sure to catch the caper next year because this tradition is sure to live on in Cal Poly Pomona’s history.

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