Best Photo Op Spots on Campus

Best Photo Op Spots on Campus

Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) is home to scenic views and reserves operated by various departments making it unique from other California campuses. Over my last three years at CPP, I’ve stumbled upon many locations that I believe provide the perfect photo op for any student before they graduate. From the Japanese Garden to the paseo of the CLA, here is a list of my favorite spots around campus to take a variety of pictures, from a first day of school group photo with friends or graduation portrait!

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden at Cal Poly Pomona

Image via CPP ASI

The Japanese Garden sits just next to where the CLA building once stood. As the name suggests, this location is influenced by the famous koi fish gardens in Japan. The garden features a koi fishpond surrounded by a walkway, sculptured rock, and zoysia grass. My personal favorite features of the garden are the Asian florals and trees around the fishpond, like the bonsai pine tree. The Japanese Garden is truly a beautiful location on campus, especially on a sunny day. Grab some fresh air and take a quick photo at the Japanese Garden.

Union Plaza

Union Plaza at Cal Poly Pomona

Image via Cal Poly Pomona

 Union Plaza is yet another great photo venue that CPP has to offer and is located by University Park. The plaza features a courtyard in the original Kellogg stable building, which for nearly 48 years was the home to Arabian Horses. The Union Plaza is home to the Russel & Ruth Mawby Fountain and is surrounded by 65 feet wide by 220 feet long courtyard. In the background of the plaza sits palm trees which is a great background for your next photo!

Rose Garden

Rose Garden at Cal Poly Pomona

Image via Cal Poly Pomona

The Rose Garden sits just north of the CLA building. The garden’s center is emphasized with a white wood gazebo surrounded by bright roses planted in six rows. There are 230 in variety that are groomed by the university’s floriculture students. This venue has been often used for wedding photos. If you’re somebody who loves flowers, this location is for you.

CLA Paseo and Plaza

CLA Paseo at Cal Poly Pomona.

Image via Cal Poly Pomona

Yes, the CLA Paseo and Plaza still exist following the demolishment of the CLA Tower! This spot is my personal favorite on this list as I believe this location fits great with students who like their pictures to fit into a minimalist look. The building features an open square with pillars holding the upper floors of the building creating said trendy, minimalist backdrop. There are also different views on the upper floors that some may like for a portrait photo. The CLA Paseo and Plaza is located next to the Japanese Garden and Voorhis Park.


If you need help finding these locations around campus, please use the map here. So, where will you be taking photos on campus next?

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