CPP Student Spotlight: Matthew Jacobson

CPP Student Spotlight: Matthew Jacobson

Besides being one of the top-ranked public universities in the West, Cal Poly Pomona is home to an excitingly active array of clubs and organizations. It’s not uncommon to encounter a student nose-deep in both their latest lab report AND their upcoming club functions.

Matthew Jacobson in front of City Hall
Civil Engineering student Matthew Jacobson is all too familiar with the benefits of staying busy as he balances grades and greatness. Since 2017, Jacobson has been heavily involved with the Cal Poly Pomona American Society of Civil Engineers (CPP ASCE) Student Chapter, fulfilling several leadership roles throughout his membership and becoming Student Chapter President during the 2019-2020 academic year.

This November, Jacobson was presented with the title of 2020 Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Award by the ASCE Los Angeles Section.

Outstanding Civil Engineer Student Award
“The American Society of Civil Engineers has provided me so much more beyond professional benefits,” he said in acknowledgement of his award. “It is where I have made some of my best friends and found a home in my college experience at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.”

Earlier this year, Jacobson also was recognized as one of ASCE’s Class of 2020 New Faces of Civil Engineering – Collegiate Edition. “I look forward to giving back and inspiring others, not only in ASCE but people outside of civil engineering to help them understand the importance of our profession on society.”

Jacobson is currently serving as Attorney General for ASI Student Government and is in his final year at Cal Poly Pomona.