Stay Safe At Home With These Grocery Delivery Services

Stay Safe At Home With These Grocery Delivery Services

We know—you’re stuck at home. You’re anxious and bored. Normally you hate going out to run errands, but right now all you want to do is go out and grocery shop to feed yourself and your family. In the middle of a worldwide health crisis such as COVID-19, the best thing you can do is to stay put at home, but sometimes it’s difficult when you need to go out and get groceries or basic needs. Lucky for you, there are services that will deliver groceries right to your doorstep!



Based on your zip code/address, Instacart will pick up food items, bathroom necessities and home goods from your local stores and deliver them to you! Instacart offers selections from a wide variety of chain grocers including HMartStater BrosCostcoALDI and many more. Sign up on Instacart to see which stores are eligible for delivery near you.

Instacart website saying "Groceries delivered in as little as 1 hour".

GIF of the Sprouts Farmers Market catalog

It’s worth noting that there is a $10 minimum order, so this is your chance to order your groceries for the whole week all at once, or shop for others who can’t! There’s also a delivery and driver fee of $3.99, but if you sign up for an Instacart Express free trial, you can get those fees waived for two weeks.

Instacart also offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options (store selections may vary).


Walmart Grocery

Just like Instacart, Walmart delivers grocery items. Drop by the Walmart Grocery website, enter your zip code and Walmart will locate a store near you. However, you also have to select a delivery time slot for your groceries to be purchased due to the high volume of consumers taking advantage of grocery delivery, so plan ahead! The Walmart Grocery order minimum is $30.

GIF of Walmart Grocery food catalog

Delivery fees on an order-by-order basis can be up to $9.99, but you can also opt for a $12.95 monthly membership or $98 annual membership for unlimited free delivery! You can also score a free 15-day trial of Delivery Unlimited with no fees here.

Walmart also offers free storefront pickup, which might be your next best bet if no delivery time slots are available in your area.

Walmart and WalmartGrocery also offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.



In conjunction with its parent company, Amazon Prime, AmazonFresh allows you to order food and home items directly off of the Amazon website. Delivery is free when you choose a delivery time slot, but slots are limited, so act quickly. As long as you have a Prime account, you are eligible for grocery delivery!

Image of AmazonFresh grocery catalogImage of AmazonFresh produce, dairy product, and meat and seafood catalog

Don’t have Amazon Prime? You can get an annual plan for $119, but if you’re a student, you can get six months of Prime for free with an annual fee of $59 afterward.

AmazonFresh also offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.


Broncos Care Basic Needs

Broncos Care Basic Needs offers a number of resources for Broncos affected by COVID-19 including food banksCalFreshMeals on Wheels and more. Check out everything they have to offer here.

Image of CPP Bronco Basic Needs Meal Assistance Program information

You can find more resources on CPP Basic Needs’ Instagram account under the “COVID-19” highlight! Remember to check back often as we are constantly finding more and more ways to assist our Broncos during this time.

We’ve provided you with these resources to help you and your loved ones stay safe! We hope you take advantage of these minimal-contact delivery options and only go out for extended periods of time if needed.  If you need to go out for essentials, be courteous of others around you!

Have any other tips or ideas for shopping for essentials during this time? Share them with us using the hashtag #CampusCropChat on FacebookTwitter and Instagram at @asicpp. Stay safe, Broncos!