Thirteen Times Twitter Perfectly Summarized Finals Season

Thirteen Times Twitter Perfectly Summarized Finals Season

Final exam season is finally over. Now that all of the stress and worry is out of the way, let’s reflect on 13 times students took to Twitter and perfectly described finals season!

When you have to remember that without pain, there is no gain


When you re-develop your seasonal caffeine addiction just to make it through each day


When you’re so desperate to pass that you’ll settle for anything that passes


When suddenly everything you thought was hard in high school is suddenly irrelevant


When you have a date at 11 a.m. but a final at noon


When you save time for studying by crying and showering at the same time


When you just have to keep it real with your professors


When finals season is the worst holiday gift you’ve ever received


When you spend more time studying than sleeping


When most humans are composed of 70% water but students are a different species


When you cast aside societal norms and embrace all grade types


When this is a reality for you and not just a dream


And finally, when you spend too much time on your phone instead of studying


If you could summarize your finals week experience with one Tweet, what would it be? Share with us by using the hashtag #CampusCropChat on Twitter!