Halloween Might Be Over But These Still Give Us The Spooks

Halloween Might Be Over But These Still Give Us The Spooks

Aside from your typical ghouls and goblins, there’s some pretty terrifying stuff out there in the real world, and they don’t just disappear after October; they follow us throughout our lives.

Warning: These next few things aren’t for the faint of heart.

8 A.M. Classes
Man smashing alarm clock
“I’m going to make it to my morning class,” said no one ever.

At one point in our college careers, we’ve all probably suffered through an 8 a.m. class because we thought we could do it, or we had to do it. Well, let me be the first to tell you this: if you can avoid it, don’t do it.

Student Debt
Man standing in empty wallet
We’re paying how much to go to school?! To be honest, all we can think about is the gaping hole left in our wallets from tuition and student loans.

Group Projects
Girl saying "I look forward to never seeing you again"
Especially when you don’t know anybody in the class.

Hello fellow classmates who I’ve never seen or met before: I know nothing about you, but this project is worth a large chunk of our grade, so let’s get to it before we all fail.

Midterms and Finals
Stressed out Spongebob
Let’s not even try to think about that right now.

Family Gatherings
Woman saying "I don't want to talk to anyone"
“Are you in a relationship? When are you getting married? What are you going to do after you graduate? Can you explain what your major is again?”

You thought it was over when you left for college, right? Nope. In fact, you might be ambushed when you’re eating with even more loaded questions.

No Wi-Fi
Kid saying "There's no wi-fi"
We’re sorry, what? No Wi-Fi? We’re having trouble processing what you just said.

It’s like a piece of our world crumbles when we can’t access the internet.

Woman saying "please"
Even if it’s the middle of the semester, some of us still struggle with parking. Seeing the signs that say “FULL” really gives us the spooks and makes us debate if going to class is even worth it.

Man complaining about adulthood
And the scariest of all: adulting. The real world is scary. Eventually, we’re going to have to tackle it all by our lonesome. No one to depend on but ourselves. Yikes.

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