How To Enjoy The Halloween Season As Told By “Stranger Things”

How To Enjoy The Halloween Season As Told By “Stranger Things”

Overwhelmed with all the possible things to do in the month of October? Never fear, the cast of “Stranger Things” is here to guide you.

Don’t feel those spooky vibes just yet? Adding some decorations to your house or your dorm can be a great way to bring in those Halloween feels. This can include hanging paper ghosts from the ceiling, adding bat stickers or putting up some flickering lights.
Joyce from "Stranger Things" reacting to flickering lights

Hit up an amusement park. There are tons to choose from, and the best part is they transform their look to match the spooky season.
scene of a fair from "Stranger Things"

Dig in to to some of your favorite sweets. Most of us think of Halloween candy or maybe some pumpkin spice delicacies, but Eggos are good, too!
Eleven from "Stranger Things" holding boxes of Eggos

Horror movie marathon, anyone? With so many to choose from, which will you watch? Whatever you pick, just make sure it’s extra scary!
gif of Mike from "Stranger Things" saying "What exactly are we looking at here?"

Halloween is all about the costumes. Grab your friends, and get to coordinating. Who will you dress up as?
Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Will from "Stranger Things" hugging each other while dressed as Ghostbusters

And don’t worry, dressing up isn’t just for kids.
Bob from "Stranger Things" dressed as a vampire
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No plans for Halloween? Celebrate with ASI at the CPP Stranger Events on Oct. 31 from 5-8 p.m. at the BRIC poolside lounge (Bldg. 42). Participate in a waffle bar, a live DJ, face painting, a costume contest and learn about the disappearance of Billy Bronco!

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