Budget-Friendly Fall Fashion

Budget-Friendly Fall Fashion

Now that SoCal residents are finally getting a glimpse of sweater weather, it’s time for us to look at what fall-fashion trends lie ahead. If you’re not sure what you’ll be rocking to class this semester, read on to explore style inspiration and where to find them at affordable prices.

Brown boots from Target
Image via Target

Not only do they keep your feet both warm and dry, you also get all the fashion that comes along with boots. We understand that a good pair of quality boots can be a real investment, and many of us aren’t willing to, or can’t spend the $200-$300 cost. Instead, we recommend taking a look at ol’ reliable Target’s affordable selection of boots for both men and women.

Long socks
Individual wearing a pair of doughnut-designed socks in front of donuts
Image via H&M

Is your dorm starting to feel a little chilly? Then, it’s time for them toes to go back into hibernation and time for you to pull out your favorite patterned socks! Socks are definitely the best way to show some personality. Whether they’re fuzzy socks or socks with references, funny art or sayings, multiple colors, patterns, or just a nice, simple sock, there’s no wrong way to do it (just make sure you aren’t wearing them with shorts). It’s a great way to express your style without being too flashy! H&M has some pretty SWEET socks!

Individual posing while wearing a burgundy cardigan on top of a grey top and wearing jeans
Image via Aeropostale

Individual posing while wearing a navy-blue cardigan over a patterned, collard shirt and jeans
Image via Target

It’s so easy to exchange your boring sweater for something with a little more style while staying comfortable at the same time. Cardigans are a great, lightweight layer of clothing that can put an outfit together as well as add a layer of warmth without feeling too hot. Make sure to swing by Aeropostale and Target to see what kind of cardigan is for you.

Individual posing while wearing an orange bomber jacket, black top and khaki pants
Image via H&M
Individual posing while wearing an olive-green blazer with a patterned collard shirt and black pants
Image via Target

Looking for thicker layers? Jackets are a great way to show off your style while staying bundled up. There are so many options to choose from such as denim, faux leather, bombers and blazers. H&M has a great selection of jackets to look through, and Target has some pretty classy blazers.

Individual posing while wearing a denim jacket and brown pants
Image via H&M

Speaking of denim (a common staple in everyone’s closet), it never goes out of style! Whether you throw on a pair of jeans or a jean jacket, denim can be so simple and versatile. In need of a new pair of jeans? We know that denim products can be quite expensive, but if you’re in search of a new pair of jeans, take a look at what Old Navy has to offer. They’re always having sales on their jeans! And we mentioned this earlier, but don’t forget, H&M offers a great selection of denim jackets.

individual posing while wearing a burgundy beanie
Image via Old Navy

Bad hair day and too lazy to fix it? Throw on a beanie. Beanies are a cozy accessory that can help add to an outfit. It’s a great way to add some color, too! We recommend trying your beanie in a fall color like burgundy, olive green, mustard yellow and orange (just to name a few). We enjoy the selections and prices offered from Old Navy and Target.

Individual posing while wearing a mustard-yellow and black flannel
Image via H&M
individual posing in a pink multi-colored flannel on top of a burgundy dress
Image via Aeropostale

Flannels are such a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them in so many ways: sleeves rolled up, sleeves down, buttoned up, buttoned down, half buttoned, over a shirt, tucked in or around the waist…the options are almost endless! Can’t decide? Don’t worry, an easy way to make your decision is by basing it off the weather. Whichever way you decide, make sure you get a collection of your fave fall colors. Some of our fave patterns come from H&M, or check out Aeropostale because they usually have some great sales!

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