Five Hype-Worthy Foods You Need To Try

Five Hype-Worthy Foods You Need To Try

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of places bookmarked on Yelp and dozens of food photos saved from Instagram. Which do you try first? Will you get to try everything that’s on your list? Is it even worth starting?

It seems like there’s a new food trending everyday, and we just can’t keep up. What’s worse is that some foods get lost in the shuffle of it all.

We don’t want you to miss out on anything delicious! That said, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites (that might’ve slipped under your radar and are worth trying):

Cloud Pancakes

Cloud pancakes with fruit

Image via Picpanzee

Get ready to float to cloud nine with these treats: cloud pancakes! Whether it’s breakfast, brunch or dessert, these souffle-like pancakes are the perfect start or end to your day. Biting into one is like a mish-mash of textures— crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. Its custard consistency lets us imagine what biting into a cloud feels like. The best part about cloud pancakes are the various options you can try. Infused with Thai tea, topped with mixed berries, or served alone with just syrup, no combination isn’t worth trying. There’s no surprise that these treats are often called “jiggly joys” or “tiny little clouds.” It definitely lives up to its name.

If you want to try them, check out Takeurseat for their monthly array of cloud pancakes.

Mochi Donuts

Various mochi donuts

Image via Kathy Tran

Mochi donuts are unlike any other. The iconic “pon-de-ring” shape alone should entice you to try them out. But if that doesn’t, its combination of flavor and texture will. Rather than using all-purpose flour or yeast, the main ingredient is a special type of rice flour. Using this creates a unique and airy texture that gives this donut the bounce to its bite. These donuts are hand dipped in sweet glazes that complement the light confection well. Popular flavors include cookies and cream, black sesame, matcha and strawberry. We guarantee you’ll end up loving these donuts very moch-i!

Bounce on over to Fill Bakeshop & Creamery for a couple of these.

Korean Corn Dogs

Korean Corndogs

Image via Kirbie’s Cravings

We know what you’re thinking… what in the world is a Korean corn dog? It’s a popular Korean street food! Essentially, it’s a hot dog rolled in a rice flour batter, deep fried, and then finished with sugar. Still no? Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Your taste buds will thank you when you’re hit with the sweet, savory, crunchy and chewy notes. It doesn’t just stop at hot dogs though; there are tons of options to try from like mozzarella cheese, rice cake or even squid ink! Describing the taste won’t do it justice, and you may just have to try it out yourself. Besides, what’s the WURST that could happen?

If you’re up for this Korean delicacy, find them at Myungrang Hot Dog!

Hot Chicken

Spread of Howlin Rays

Image via Howlin Rays

There’s all this talk about Popeye’s and their chicken sandwiches, but the real star should be hot chicken. Originating from Nashville, Tennessee, hot chicken is considered their most famous local specialty. Marinated, floured, fried and sauce—that’s really the only way to go. The secret behind the spice is cayenne pepper which gives the chicken its signature red hue and intense spice. Hot chicken’s popularity spread outside of Nashville and found its way into the hearts of cities nationwide. Think you can handle the spice? Grab a bucket, and see for yourself.

Looking for a place to try hot chicken? Check out Howlin Rays!


Various malasadas

Image via Dot & Dough

DONUT hate us, but here’s another donut! Malasadas originated from Portugal and are worth every single penny and calorie. They are nothing short of fantastic with their golden brown exterior and light and fluffy inside. Coating them in sugar adds just the right amount of sweetness to complement this fried confection. You don’t typically find filling in a traditional malasada, but times have changed. Custards like matcha green tea, ube, and vanilla are a delicious, sweet twist to the already perfect treat.

Grab a couple (or dozens) here at Dot & Dough.

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