How (We’re) Doin’ Juggling Everything As Told By The Cast Of “Friends”

How (We’re) Doin’ Juggling Everything As Told By The Cast Of “Friends”

With tons of textbooks, no place to park and a packed schedule, it’s safe to say that school is back in session.

Summer vacation is officially over, but some of us probably didn’t even feel like “we were on a break.” Bouncing around from work to internships to summer school to a social life to family and so forth, it’s crazy to think we get enough sleep.

How you doin’?” is a question we’re often asked, and there’s no one better to answer that than the iconic cast of “Friends.”

When you’re motivated and ready to take on the world
Joey posing in Superman costume
Rushing to the next part of your day like
Joey and Chandler running after bus with stroller
Slowly realizing what you’ve gotten yourself into
Joey's eyes widening
Lack of sleep is catching up to you
Frank Jr. saying "I haven't slept in four years"
Dozing off in class/work like
Chandler dozing off
When your friends ask you how you’re doing
Ross saying "I'm fine"
When really, you’re feeling
Ross crying
What it’s like to be on a tight schedule
Monica yelling "We're supposed to start having fun in 15 minutes!"
Reaching your limit like
Phoebe screaming "What do I do?"
Finally getting a moment to relax
Rachel jumping for joy
Only to have to go right back into the swing of things
Chandler laughing and then crying
And just like that, we’ve officially entered adulthood
Monica consoling Rachel saying "Welcome to the real world. It sucks."
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