How To Relax During Finals Week

How To Relax During Finals Week

With finals week finally upon us, we are all stressing out and scrambling to get in all of the studying that we can before the big test.  However, the thing that we really need to do is relax; we don’t want to go in and take a test all stressed out.  So we’ve gathered a list of our favorite ways you can relax before your finals!


Simple studying

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Interestingly enough, the best way for many of us to unwind is by studying! Some of our best suggestions on ways to study are from one of our stories “Final Study Hacks.” Go ahead and check it out to see if studying is something that can relax you!


Music to our ears

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Music is all about making people feel good. Singing is a great way to get the stress off your back and so is listening! Considering that winter is coming to a close, it’s a perfect time to relax with “Artists That Make Us Feel Like Winter.” This is our winter inspired playlist of go-to songs that make us feel seasonal.  Plug those headphones in and get a nice winterful relaxation!


Movie night!

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Movies are a great way to forget all about our stresses. We get to live through the people on the big screen. Our “10 Movies For A Toasty Night In” is a great list of movies to get you all cozy and stress-free before our finals.


Show ya chef skills

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You can’t take your final on an empty stomach! Cooking is a great way to put your stress away from your laptop and focus on your meals. “Easy Meal Ideas On A College Student Budget” is a great list of tasty and budget-friendly meals which can help you relax. It’s pretty much two for the price of one because you get a nice way to relax and a tasty meal out of it!


Getting your fit on at the BRIC (Bldg. 42)

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Getting in a nice workout is always wanted, so pound that music as you hit those weights! Gym time is always a nice way to relax the mind, and what better place to go workout than the BRIC (Bldg. 42)? Read here on the “14 Things You Need To Know About The BRIC” to help you to get the most out of your experience at our beautiful recreation center.


Enjoy the sunset

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There’s nothing like taking a nice walk with a beautiful view. You can escape from all your stresses and worries and go on a nice little adventure to see the sunset. Some of our favorite places to see breathtaking sunsets are in “10 Sunsets Worth The Drive.”  You can find out for yourself just how relaxing it is to watch the these amazing sights!.


Relish your sleep

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Can you honestly say a nap isn’t relaxing? If so, we’d have to disagree. For some of us, taking a nap is our only option if we don’t have the time to get between the recommended seven to nine hours a night.  If you’re really craving a nap, why not take one at your second home, Cal Poly Pomona? “The Best Places To Nap On Campus” is a great way to find out where you want to lay your head.


Whether you’re enjoying your naps or going on sunset adventures, make sure you take time to relax before your finals because we want you to do your best! Share with us how you plan to relax before finals using #CampusCropChat on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us on Snapchat at @ASICPP!