Best Coffee Shops To Get Your Studying Done

Best Coffee Shops To Get Your Studying Done

Caffeine fuels our all-nighters, gets us up in the morning and accompanies us throughout our school day. Struggling to find the right coffee shop to get your studying done? Keep reading because we’ve collected a list of coffee shops that will have you saying, “Starbucks, who?”

Augie’s Coffee
Image of Temecula's Augie Coffee location with retro storefront
Image via Augie’s Coffee House Facebook

Where: Riverside, Redlands and Claremont

A sweet hipster joint, Augie’s Coffee House is about to become your next study destination! With four locations including one in nearby Claremont, the smell of homemade brews will draw you in but the free Wi-Fi and cute decor will make you stay. Augie’s is a great place to pump your inspiration thanks to the sketches and murals posted up on the walls. The double cold brews are a must if you’re in need of a caffeine boost to knock out last minute projects.


Cactus Coffee
Image of students sitting on couches, typing, and drinking coffee at Cactus Coffee
Image via Yelp

Where: La Verne

Free Wi-Fi, comfy couches, the sweetest drinks and witty quips galore are all totally valid reasons why you should take your laptop to Cactus Coffee, like, now. With plenty of comfy spots and an outdoor patio perfect for group projects, you’ll be in the zone in no time. Sip on Cactus classics such as the Honey Bee latte or Iced Agave Mint latte while taking a break with one of their in-house board games.


Image of Canabru roast and sign reading, "drink your coffee and grab Monday by the beans"
Image via Canabru Facebook

Where: Chino Hills

Located in Chino Hills, Canabru is a popular Inland Empire staple for coffee fiends looking for specialty coffee! Popular amongst college students, this little coffee shop gets crowded but the vanilla latte infused with Canabru’s homemade vanilla syrup makes this shop well worth a visit.


Mantra Coffee
Image of Mantra's renovated living space turned coffee shop
Image via Yelp

Where: Azusa

THIS IS THE CUTEST COFFEE SHOP EVERMantra Coffee calls themselves a “home for the community of Azusa,” and given that the coffee shop is in a renovated house, you and your study materials are going to feel right at home! Aside from the tasty brews, Mantra looks out for college students by providing extended hours, from 7 a.m. to midnight daily, and a cozy environment for your next study sesh!


Motley Coffeehouse
Motley Coffeehouse's eclectic  seating area, murals
Image via

Where: Claremont

This coffee shop totally understands how much college students live off coffee as it is COMPLETELY student-run! Located right off the Scripps College campus, there are tons of perks for students trying to save a few bucks here and there. For example, if you bring in a reusable mug or thermos, your drink is $1 off! Plus, if you’re in the coffeehouse 15 minutes before closing, they give out free coffee, tea and baked goods. Honestly, why are we even bothering to study at Starbucks at this point? Get to Motley Coffeehouse, ASAP!


Sanctuary Coffee
Image of two baristas working behind the counter at Sanctuary Coffee
Image via Sanctuary Coffee Facebook

Where: Claremont

This two-story coffee shop doubles as a convenient study spot and non-profit art gallery. With plenty of free Wi-Fi, charging outlets and an outdoor patio, Sanctuary is a cozy spot nestled deep in Claremont. Settle down on one of their stools with your choice of a torched Creme Brulee Latte or Caramel Turtle Latte to sweeten up your studies! Sanctuary is a non-profit coffee shop, donating 10 pounds of food for every one pound of coffee sold. Now you can feel good about finishing up your study guide and giving back to your community!

Coffee shops are where our love of caffeine and need to study meet to get you in the zone! Which of these coffee shops will you be taking your studies to? Share with us using #CampusCropChat on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on Snapchat @ASICPP!