Five Local Pop-ups For A Poppin’ Insta

Five Local Pop-ups For A Poppin’ Insta

Instagram is practically an extreme sport. You jump through hoops to find the trendiest location, get the best lighting and take the perfect photo. Did you know places exist where you can do all those easily?

Welcome to the world of pop-ups!

Pop-up exhibits have infiltrated our Instagram feeds. You’ve probably heard of some like the Museum of Ice Cream or the Happy Place. Ball pits, selfie thrones, and gravity-defying art are only a sliver of what’s to come.

If you didn’t get a chance to visit those, don’t worry! We got you covered with a list of some of our favorites for you to visit.

The Foodie Space

People posing in a giant caviar can at The Foodie Space

Image via The Foodie Space

“Wait, wait! Don’t eat yet, let me take a picture first.”

You’ve probably heard those words at some point in your life. If not, it’s probably you who’ve said them. The Foodie Space, an interactive pop-up exhibit in Pasadena, blends the world of food and photography into one. Local artists created massive sculptures of popular dishes ranging from pizza, pho, burgers and more for your pure enjoyment. Take a photo in a can of caviar. Hug a giant box of french fries. Pose with some dim sum. The photo ops are endless! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind space. Better act soon because they’re closing up shop on February 17!

Museum of Selfies

Two people reaching toward a mirror at Museum of Selfies

Image via Elkhan Pitman

Finally. A place where selfie aficionados can unite or selfie amateurs can learn. Put those skills to the test and head on over to the Museum of Selfies in Los Angeles! Play around in an interactive gallery with selfie-inspired installations. Learn about the history of how the selfie came about. Take as many selfies as you can. In fact, selfie sticks are not only welcomed but highly encouraged. The Museum of Selfies was such a hit that it landed a permanent home on Hollywood Blvd. Drop by for some social media-worthy content!

Museum of Illusions

People posing at Museum of Illusions

Image via Museum of Illusions

Get creative at the Museum of Illusions as you take photos that’ll make lifelong memories! Right down the street from the Museum of Selfies resides the Museum of Illusions. Filled with interactive optical illusions, you and your friends and family will have the time of your lives posing for pictures. Snap a photo running from an explosive street. Recreate the infamous Titanic scene. Just let your imagination run wild for photos that’ll surely turn some heads!


A person posing at Partywith

Image via Partywith

Immerse yourself in an alternate world of hypnotic attractions at Partywith at Westfield Santa Anita in Arcadia. Get the chance to explore a realm of creativity and wonder like no other. Partywith is an exhibit that features 15 different Instagrammable pieces that’ll expand your mind and test your social media game. Join the fun with LA’s latest interactive photo experience!

The Egg House

Person holding a phone and sitting on giant eggs

Image via The Egg House

Get eggs-cited for this one! Expected to open late February is the latest pop-up to hit Los Angeles: the Egg House! You won’t want to miss out on an immersive experience entirely based on Instagram’s most liked photo. Throughout the exhibit, you will get the chance to walk through 15 different scenes inspired by LA and enjoy several egg-inspired treats. This egg-centric installation started in Shanghai and New York, and is now making its way here! Tickets are coming soon, and you bet we’re scoring ours as soon as it’s public. Last one there is a rotten egg!

Tip: Before you head out, remember to check Groupon or Goldstar for tickets up to 25% off!

And remember: if you didn’t ‘gram it, did you really do it?

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