Moments That Have Us Stoked For The Winter Olympics

Moments That Have Us Stoked For The Winter Olympics

It seems as if the 2018 Winter Olympics just breezed through PyeongChang yesterday, but here we are. As of now, Team U.S.A. has six medals to their name, three of which are gold. After ShaunWhite’s gold medal, we also just won our 100th gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics, so that’s y’know,  pretty HUGE!

With a little more than a week of the gnarliest winter games left, we have ~pretty~ high expectations of our good, ol’ team repping red, white and blue.

So in case you’ve been distracted by our sunny Californian winter, here are some of the most epic moments of the 2018 Winter Olympics that have us stoked for the closing ceremony!

Red Gerard claimed Team U.S.A.’s first gold
Red Gerard holds American flag over his head after his win
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Red Gerard made a name for himself as the scruffy kid who overslept and almost missed his event yet, Gerard came through and breezed through with jaw-dropping jumps. The boy won gold in the men’s snowboard slopestyle and dropped an F-bomb, which, same.


Chloe Kim smiles and waves American flag after her gold medal win
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Look, the girl is 17-years-old and she won the women’s snowboard halfpipe gold medal. She scored a 93.75 on the first run, leaving her competition literally in the powder. Chloe Kim was already famous on the  Youth Olympic Games circuit but landing a gold medal and near-perfect score during your first grown-up Olympics games? So much goodness.

Mirai Nagasu’s historic triple axel
Mirai Nagasu screams in excitement after landing the triple axel
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Mirai Nagasu is a two-time figure skating Olympian, meaning, she knows how to wreck it out on the ice. She was bumped from Team U.S.A. during the last Winter Olympics, making 2018 her big comeback, and come back she DID! Nagasu perfectly landed a triple axel, which for non-figure skaters just looks like a pretty, spinny thing on ice. But it’s crazy difficult and only TWO skaters have ever done it before. Watch it here and tell me you aren’t impressed.


Shaun White’s halfpipe run
Shaun White smiles after his qualifying halfpipe run
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We’ve witnessed Shaun White grow up from being a shaggy-haired, snowboarding punk to a sophisticated, accomplished Olympian and doting dog father. Our hearts collectively broke when White walked away from Sochi without a single medal BUT he already left that disappointing run behind him, winning Team U.S.A. its 100th gold medal! We love you, Shaun White!


Kelly Clark’s winter Olympics legacy
Kelly Clark smiles in front of the American flag with her snowboard
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Kelly Clark has been ripping at the past five Winter Olympics! The Californian has been snowboarding since she was seven and competing as an Olympian since 2002, which is two years after teammate Chloe Kim was born. A hero to a generation of female snowboarders, Clark came out and put on a show for her fans and teammates. Ugh, oh yeah, and then there’s the part where Kim told the story of how she met Clark, HER HERO, as a child. *crying*


Women’s ice hockey perfect score
Team U.S.A.'s ice hockey team hug each other and scream
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Team U.S.A.’s women’s ice hockey hardly broke a sweat shutting out the Olympic Athletes from Russia with a score of 5-0. And can we talk about the fact that two of these points were scored in a span of six seconds by Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson? Uh huh, I can’t even get out of a chair that fast.


Adam Rippon thanking Reese Witherspoon for his bronze medal
Adam Rippon skates with arms outstretched
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First, some background on ice skating newcomer Adam Rippon—the skater made his Olympic debut this year at 28 years old, which is old by Olympic standards. He made his way here through hardship, from living in his coach’s basement to being bumped from the Sochi games. Now, he and BFF Mirai Nagasu are both medalists. The first person Rippon thanked? Reese Witherspoon because duh. Why is everyone on  Team U.S.A such a sweetheart?


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