ASI Shows Its Green Side For Earth Week

ASI Shows Its Green Side For Earth Week

During the week of April 23-27, with the help of the Bronco Events and Activities Team (BEAT) andStudent Activities (SAP), ASI was able to host a week full of eco-friendly activities in celebration of Earth Week. Throughout the week, students were shown how easy it is to be sustainable and were encouraged to practice sustainability in their regular lives.

I Pledge
ASI members working the “I Pledge” table and handing out prizes at University Park.
We kicked off the week with I Pledge from noon to 12:50 p.m. at University Park. Students got to make the pledge to sustainability as they wrote how they planned to be eco-friendly. These pledges were then posted around the Bronco Student Center (Bldg. 35) for the rest of Earth Week. The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies also brought out their solar oven and passed out tasty treats, while the Rainbird Biotrek Center had a hand balm station and DIY birdhouse station to be put up at the Biotrek.

Revamp: Sustainable Fashion Show
Models walking down the runway during the Revamp: Sustainable Fashion Show at University Park.
Tuesday was all about being fashionable while being eco-friendly at the same time during the Revamp: Sustainable Fashion Show and clothing swap. Students were encouraged to bring some of their old clothes and trade with others at the clothing swap, which was held before the show. All of the clothing used in the show was made from recycled items, and as the fashion show went on, many were stopping to watch as different models took the runway. Some of the inspiration that comes to designer Alejandra Rios, third-year apparel merchandising and management student, is simply walking down the street. She said, “Sometimes I’ll be walking and I’ll see something that triggers me. Then, I draw it and make it.”

Wasteless Wednesday
Members of the Students for a Sustainable Future holding signs at University Park.
Wednesday was dedicated to encouraging students to conserve throughout their everyday lives. Students for a Sustainable Future were passing out samples of vegan foods to show students the benefits of going vegan, which include supporting animal rights and making an effort to keep the earth sustainable. The Health and Wellness Center encouraged students to practice safe relations by offering “all natural, sustainably harvested” condoms; in addition, they were handing out pamphlets that showed ways to stop using tobacco. Pi Sigma Epsilonwas selling reusable straws in an effort to lessen the use of plastic. Weston Chang, a third-year mechanical engineering student, noted, “We want to promote sustainability and there are lots of ways. This is a small way of educating the public that this is a movement that is happening.”

Transportation Thursday
Three Locker Boards lying on the ground with a poster that reads "Locker Boards; As seen on 'Shark Tank.'"
The way that we get around in our daily lives has a big impact on the earth. Transportation Thursday showed students the many eco-friendly ways that people can travel. The owners of Locker Board showcased their unique skateboards, which are made from recycled skateboards and are small enough to take with you anywhere. Both the Metro Transit and Foothill Transit were showing students how they can commute while using their services. Students can get discounted prices on tap cards for both transits at the Games Room Etc. (Bldg. 35-1110).

Film Friday
To end the week on a sustainable note, The Lorax was showcased as the final event of Earth Week. Students chowed down on popcorn while learning about the dangers of environmental exploitation from the Dr. Seuss classic.

Whether students are learning about waste or dining on some vegan goodies, there were plenty of ways that students got to learn about sustainability.

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