One-Of-A-Kind International Experiences To Add To Your Traveling Bucket List

One-Of-A-Kind International Experiences To Add To Your Traveling Bucket List

Planning to travel the world during the breaks or after graduating? We’ve rounded up some of the most unique and unforgettable experiences offered abroad, so make sure you add these destinations to your traveling bucket list!


Experience life without vision at the Invisible Exhibition at Millenáris in Budapest, Hungary

Image of braille sign at the entrance of the Invisible Exhibition in Budapest that says "Lathatatlan Kiallitas"

Image via Tripadvisor

When you go to a museum, you usually have an idea of what you’ll see there based on looking at Instagram photos or doing some online research, and once you’re there, there is a lot to look at. At the Invisible Exhibition, however, it is the very opposite. At this unique exhibit, you get to experience a taste of what life is like without your vision, relying only on your senses and the help of a blind tour guide to help lead the way in complete darkness. There are seven different rooms in the exhibit, which include experiences of walking through a forest, crossing the street with traffic, shopping for fruits and vegetables and visiting a museum with sculptures. Finish off the tour with the Invisible Dinner, an Italian meal prepared for you to enjoy (in the darkness, still, of course), or the Invisible Wine Tasting, where you’ll really use your senses to capture all the notes of all the varieties of wines available. Though it is a simple exhibit, it has a strong impact and sheds light on the day-to-day lives of those who are visually impaired.


Ride in a classic car in Havana, Cuba

Image of classic cars in front of El Capitolio (capital building) in Havana, Cuba

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Want to travel back to a time where classic cars were the only cars on the road? Welcome to present day Havana, Cuba, where a blue 1950 Chrysler Windsor is the everyday vehicle as common as the Prius. Due to a ban on foreign vehicle imports in 1959, Cuba’s car scene came to a screeching halt (no pun intended) and thus, no newer models were seen on the roads until recent years. You can ride through the historical capital city in a classic car of your choice via Havana Vintage Car Tours. Many different types of tours are offered and are priced per car, not hourly or per person, so this is the perfect attraction for groups. A driver and a guide are included with the tour, so you will be able to make some pit stops to famous monuments and learn all about Havana. Check out their site to learn more.


Create your own handmade journal for a cause at SKOBA in Prague, Czech Republic

Handmade notebooks on a desk at SKOBA workshop

Image via SKOBA Facebook

Take a break from all of the beautiful architectural landmarks of Prague to stop by the humble SKOBA Workshop for a meaningful, crafty experience, creating your very own journal or sketchbook from scratch. Not only do these journals make awesome one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs, but all profits go toward the SKOBA Fund, which helps talented artists with mental or physical handicaps to get back into work and serves as a safe haven for them. Recycled print materials including vintage Czech newspapers and textbooks will be used to create the journals, so you’ll be able to learn about some Czech history while also enjoying some cake and lemonade. Book this experience on Airbnb or check out their Facebook for more information.


Learn about the history of noodles and make your own custom instant ramen at the CUPNOODLES Museum in Osaka, Japan

A colorful wall made out of CUPNOODLES instant ramen containers

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A trip to Japan is not complete without indulging in ramen and there is no better way to show your love for noodles than by visiting the CUPNOODLES Museum. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in the My CUPNOODLES Factory, where you’ll be given an empty, customizable instant noodles container that will be filled with dry ingredients of your choosing. Best of all, it will be packaged and vacuum-sealed so that you can take it home to enjoy or give away as a unique souvenir. Then, you’ll learn about Momofuku Ando, the father of instant noodles, as well as the history and impact of these noodles through the colorful exhibitions that the museum offers. You’ll see the birthplace of chicken ramen, all the types of instant noodle flavors offered all around the world and even get to enjoy the ramen Tasting Room. This interactive museum is free of charge and open to all ages!


Cook your own breakfast on top of a volcano and watch the sunrise in Bali, Indonesia 

A hard-boiled egg being held up in front of a mountain view from Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia

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When in Bali, the Mount Batur Sunrise Trek is a must. Though it is challenging, the view and experience are completely worth it. First, be sure you’re energized and well-equipped with water because you’ll get picked up at around 2 a.m. and then dropped off at the base of the active volcano. Not to worry, tour guides will be present and ready to help you whenever needed. You will hike through the darkness with flashlights for about two hours until you reach the top of Mount Batur just in time for sunrise. Once there, you will see the sun gleaming through a sea of clouds and a view of the luscious trees from the mountains and caldera below. To add to this unforgettable experience, you (or your guides) will cook breakfast for you using solely the steam from the volcano. Breakfast usually includes hard boiled eggs, fruit sandwiches, fresh fruit, juice and hot chocolate. Aside from enjoying breakfast with a breathtaking view, the best part of the hike is being able to play with the monkeys who occupy the summit. But beware, they are extremely playful and might snatch up your belongings or food!

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