Your #CPP1stday As Told By The Fab Five Of “Queer Eye”

Your #CPP1stday As Told By The Fab Five Of “Queer Eye”

Can you believe? Another academic year is about to begin, and we know that you are most likely feeling excited, nervous or even exhausted already. Here at The Campus Crop, we are trying to make sense of all these emotions you might be feeling on your #CPP1stday. We figured that there is no better way to sum up these feelings than having some help from our favorite dream team, the “Fab Five” of Netflix’s hit show, “Queer Eye.”

When you try to have a positive attitude about beginning another school year:
Tan and Antoni in a car agreeing "Let's be open-minded"

When you finally score a parking spot:
Antoni smiling

When you run into people who you went to high school with:Tan ducking into clothes in a closet

When you see how long the line is at Subway at the Bronco Student Center (BSC, Bldg. 35):Antoni saying "I'm horrified."

When you realize that you have friends in your classes:
Jonathan smiling with his arms raised

…And when your professor says you can choose your own group project partners:Bobby saying, "We get to pick our family."

When your professor assigns reading for the first class session:
Karamo saying "What is going on here?"

Feeling proud of yourself once you finish the day:
Antoni, Tan and Bobby crying proudly

When your #CPP1stday goes perfectly:
Jonathan coming down the stairs saying "ahhh!"

All gifs via Giphy

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