Online Music Series To Tune Into From Home

Online Music Series To Tune Into From Home

We all have our favorite artists who we listen to religiously and will see in concert on the rare instances that they’re in town, but seeing them perform in intimate settings, captured candidly from the comfort of our own home is a whole new experience! If you want to expand your musical horizons, get to know a musical artist better or just need some aural stimulation, read on for our choicest music series.

Tiny Desk

NPR’s highly esteemed program, All Things Considered, covers everything from news and political commentary to live music and interviews. Their concert series, Tiny Desk, features undiscovered artists as well as big names, performing live at All Things Considered host, Bob Boilen’s very cluttered, tiny desk. Tiny Desk offers viewers a unique live session with an artist in a cozy and raw atmosphere. Watch Jorja Smith and her four-piece band perform powerful hits like “On My Mind.”

Jam in the Van

Jam in the Van, a humble solar-powered mobile recording studio, has become a familiar venue to more than 1,000 bands in the United States and 200,000 YouTube viewers all over the world. Artists give passionate and unforgettably fun live performances in the cramped but bright and eclectic interior of the van. Just take a look at Shannon and The Clams’ performance of “Ozma” to get a feel.

Live Lounge

Imagine experiencing your favorite artist performing live in a high production lounge without any elbows or bodies sardined next to you. With Live Lounge, you can achieve that, but virtually. Every performance on BBC Radio 1’s show is filled with high energy, fun and immense talent. Check out the party that is Arcade Fire’s performance of “Everything Now” and you will learn to appreciate their music in a whole new way.

Morning Becomes Eclectic

NPR’s affiliate radio station, KCRW is home to one of Los Angeles’ signature music programs, Morning Becomes Eclectic. This program, hosted by Jason Bentley, gives you the scoop on new music, new artists as well as live performances and interviews. Many artists have performed their entire albums live on the set. Morning Becomes Eclectic is a treat because you can watch your favorite artists perform their whole album from beginning to end with stunning studio-quality recording. Thundercat’s performance of “Them Changes” will give you a taste of the quality production and intimacy of each session.


There is no better way to get to know a musical artist than by watching a Nardwuar interview. Nardwuar, formally known as Nardwuar the Human Serviette, will make you laugh, cringe and learn new things within just a few minutes of watching one of his videos. These interviews aren’t like most; Nardwuar does extensive research on his interview subjects, pulling memorabilia and unreleased photos from their childhood or original vinyls of their parents’ favorite artists, all while asking personal questions. How he finds these items, no one knows. In a famous interview with Pharrell, where Nardwuar managed to find Pharrell’s first-ever recorded vinyl, the artist said, “This is one of the most impressive interviews I’ve ever experienced in my life. Seriously.” Give his interview with Post Malone a spin and try to erase “doot doota loot doo” from your memory. You’re welcome.

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