Popsicle Recipes To Chill Out With This Summer

Popsicle Recipes To Chill Out With This Summer

As kids, summer did not come without playing in the front yard, hearing the faintest jingle of the neighborhood ice cream truck and jetting to an adult for some coins to get our Bubble Gum Snow Cone fix. Fast forward to adulthood, where the closest experience we have to this is limited to a $5 Pop Bargelato joint or other trendy gimmick. If you really want to recapture those nostalgic summer memories, making your own DIY popsicles is a much healthier and cheaper alternative to all the above.

We’ve selected our favorite summer popsicle recipes that are both refreshing and flavorful. All you need to start creating the recipes below are wooden popsicle sticks, a popsicle mold (available at your local Walmart or dollar store) or paper cup and you’re all set to start!


Watermelon popsicles on top of cubed ice

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There is nothing greater than lounging by the pool with a refreshing watermelon popsicle in hand. To create this vitamin C-rich treat, you’ll need to cut your watermelon into cubed slices. Add three heaping cups of watermelon cubes into your blender and squeeze in a whole lemon or lime for zest. Blend these ingredients together until the mixture is completely smooth and then pour it into your popsicle molds. Don’t forget to add your wooden popsicle sticks into them and pop them in the freezer for three to four hours.



Horchata ice pops next to cinnamon sticks on top of a marble surface

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Because why would we not enjoy our favorite cinnamon-y drink in its frozen form? To make this delicious horchata pop, you’ll need to blend together four cups of rice milk, one whole can of condensed milk and ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon. After it is completely blended, take out any foam from your mix and discard it. Pour the liquid into your molds and freeze them for about eight hours. These popsicles make the perfect treat after any meal and best of all, they can live in your freezer for up to two weeks!


Acai popsicles next to blueberries and strawberry slices

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We all love a traditional açaí bowl, but condensing one into a popsicle? Next. Level. You will need two frozen açaí packets, one cup of frozen mango and pineapple, one banana, coconut waterchia seeds, granola and fresh berries. Simply run the frozen açaí packets through hot water to break it up and add it into your blender along with the frozen mangopineapple and whole banana. Add ½ a cup of coconut water and blend until the texture is that of an acai smoothie. After pouring the smoothie into your molds, add a layer of chia seeds, granola and berries of your choice into the pops. Freeze for six hours and then enjoy!



Funfetti popsicles on a marble surface

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We’ve all been a sucker for Funfetti at some point, so why not put a healthier twist on this sweet dessert? No need for a blender; this recipe only takes five minutes. You’ll need vanilla Greek yogurtvanilla almond milkvanilla extract and of course, rainbow sprinkles. In a bowl, mix two cups of vanilla Greek yogurt, ½ cup of vanilla almond milk and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix them together using a spoon. Add some rainbow sprinkles in after the mix is completely liquefied. Transfer the mix into each mold and be sure to leave some room for the popsicles to expand as they solidify. Freeze them and pop in your wooden sticks after about two hours when the popsicles have hardened a bit. Leave them in the freezer for six hours and serve. These cute rainbow treats will be the talk at any summer gathering from kids and adults alike.

Green Juice

Green popsicles on a plate on a table

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If this green juice popsicle recipe strikes your fancy the most, then you’ve come a very long way from ordering Bugs Bunny popsicles and cookie sandwiches from the ice cream truck. For this recipe, you will need one cup each of spinach, apple juice, frozen mango and frozen pineapple. You can also throw in a banana or cucumber if you want a richer consistency or a more refreshing taste. Blend these all together until you get a completely smooth consistency, and again, discard of any foam at the top of the blend. Add this to your molds, freeze for at least 4 hours and voilà! Detoxing has never been more fun.

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