Get Crafty With These DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Get Crafty With These DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is quickly approaching, and we know the struggle of looking for a killer Halloween costume. Save your cash, use articles of clothing you may already have hanging in your closet and channel your inner DIYer to recreate some of our favorite Halloween DIY looks! Here we have listed some DIY costume ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Girl in boba DIY costume
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If boba is your favorite beverage, try your hand at this simple but adorable boba costume! Just find some neutral colored clothes, cut out circles from construction paper for the boba and roll up a brightly colored piece of construction paper glued to a headband to represent your straw! After all, you are what you eat—or in this case, what you drink!

Guy and girl in DIY cacti costume
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If The Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” is your jam, maybe this cactus costume is what you can create this Halloween! A green sweater, some pipe cleaners, a neutral or green colored bottom and pink fabric (tulle always works well) is all you need to create this look. If you want to stick with your friends, have your buds match you to be a walking succulent garden!

Salt and Pepper Shaker
Girl in white shirt with an "S" and guy in black shirt with a "P"
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If you and your best bud or better half are in a pinch for a quick costume, try this super simple idea! This minimalist costume only requires black and white shirts and printed letters to represent “salt” and “pepper.” Is anyone else having major flashbacks to Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper from Blue’s Clues?

Gumball Machine
Girl in Gumball Machine DIY costume
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Be colorful and sweet as a gumball machine this Halloween! Use any kind of red bottoms, a shirt you’re willing to ruin and lots of craft pom poms to create this costume!

Guy in a tourist DIY Halloween costume
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Bust out your fanny packs, cameras, hats and socks and sandal combos for this fun DIY costume. Brush up on your dad jokes and raid your closet for old vacation T-shirts and khaki pants and bada bing, bada boom: your tourist costume is complete!

Jake from State Farm
Person in s DIY Jake from State Farm DIY halloween costume
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With this super simple costume, you will be recognized as the infamous Jake from State Farm. A red polo, fake name tag and of course, khakis is all you need to complete this DIY costume.

Two people in a DIY scarecrow Halloween costume
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If you’re still in your fall feels come Oct. 31, create this costume with flannels, overalls or jeans, straw hats and boots! There are scarecrow makeup tutorials all over YouTube and the look can be easily accomplished. Stick some straws of hay in your pocket or boots to finish off the scarecrow look!

Corn on the Cob
A person in a DIY corn on the cob Halloween costume
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Sure it’s a little corny, but this costume’s simplicity and uniqueness will make you stand out at any Halloween party. Just use a yellow shirt, a green jacket or cardigan and some yellow balloons or balled up tissue paper to represent kernels! Make sure you top it off by smiling from ear to ear.  

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