BRIC Facilities Redefine Student’s College Experience

BRIC Facilities Redefine Student’s College Experience

Our #RechargeCPP campaign is in full swing, and Broncos are continually reinventing, redefining and recharging while using the amenities that the Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex (BRIC, Bldg. 42) has to offer. This winter quarter, we have focused in on how one student has redefined himself, the world around him and his objectives while utilizing the BRIC.

Tade Aghakian is a second-year electrical engineering student and works as a lifeguard and an Intramural Sports official for ASI Campus Recreation. We had the chance to speak with him about his experiences using the BRIC and how his fitness objectives have been redefined this quarter.

Campus Rec lifeguard at the BRIC pool
Image of Tade Aghakian standing next to of the BRIC pool in his lifeguard uniform.

“I redefine myself as a college student through Campus Rec because you get so involved in academics, you kind of forget that there is other stuff out there…other ways to get involved,” Aghakian explained. “So, I redefined myself as an athlete. I redefined my role in the university with Campus Rec.”

Aghakian has dabbled in many of the BRIC’s facilities. He often swims at the BRIC pool, climbs the BRIC’s Bronco Peak and plays Intramural Sports each quarter.

Aghakian was quick to point out all of the various opportunities that the BRIC has for students. “I did a BroncoFit Consultation to help me with gaining weight and putting on muscle,” Aghakian said, “so I have scheduled my workouts through almost everything I can at the BRIC. I have taken advantage of all the opportunities [the Campus Rec team] provide[s].”

He also made a point to acknowledge the helpful Campus Rec employees. He stated, “there are people out there who can help and who want to help, in terms of your fitness goals and your aspirations in fitness.” Aghakian recognizes that this helpfulness lends itself to an inclusive environment. “Everyone is really friendly and encouraging. If you’re working out and you ask someone to help you out or to explain something to you, they will be happy to do it.”

Aghakian’s college experience has been redefined greatly by his involvement at the BRIC.

Two Campus Rec lifeguards demonstrating CPR
Image of Aghakian and a fellow lifeguard demonstrating CPR on a Manikin by the BRIC pool.

“Being so active and involved in Campus Rec has made me more fit and more active in other aspects.” Aghakian reflected, “I’m more involved in academic and social life.”

Aghakian had some advice for students who are not utilizing the BRIC currently. He stated, “I would recommend making time because a lot of people say that they don’t have time to get fit or to workout. But honestly, at the end of the day, even just an hour [counts].” He continued, “Just devote some time to it and you’ll be surprised by what kind of new things you will experience outside of your daily college experience.”

Campus Rec lifeguard on stand overlooking the BRIC pool
Image of Aghakian on the lifeguard stand overlooking the BRIC pool.

Aghakian has redefined himself as an athlete and as a student by taking full advantage of what the BRIC offers members. He has also redefined how he views success.

“To me, success is going all out and getting as involved as you can in your college experience.” He said, “As long as you’re getting involved and meeting new people, you’re experiencing new things and you will have a successful college experience.”

Lifeguard overlooking the BRIC pool
Image of Aghakian from behind in his lifeguard uniform overlooking the BRIC pool.

For our final installment of the #RechargeCPP campaign, this spring quarter, we are shifting our focus on to how students have utilized the BRIC to recharge in the midst of their busy lives. With that being said, we want to hear how you recharge at the BRIC! Share with us using #RechargeCPP, and you could be featured in next quarter’s newsletter or on Campus Rec’s TwitterFacebook and Instagram!