Local Ice Cream Shops Perfect For Your Study Break

Local Ice Cream Shops Perfect For Your Study Break

You would be lying if you said you have never craved a cool treat during a hot day of classes at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP). The days are getting warmer, and instead of searching for the perfect ice cream shop to stop at in between classes or after a long day of studying, we have done all the work for you! Here are our picks of the best local ice cream shops that are no more than a 15-minute drive from campus!

Polar Puff

Puff cone with ice cream and cereal surrounding it
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If you are more simplistic when it comes to your frozen treats, Polar Puff offers a variety of traditional homemade ice cream flavors, but with a twist. However, the options are not limited! Polar Puff offers sorbet, custard, sundaes, scoop samplers and even dairy-free ice cream! Be sure to ask for your ice cream in one of their iconic Cone Puffs for a light and delightful treat. Located in Walnut, this mom ‘n’ pop shop is just about a five-minute drive from our campus, and is perfect for those in-between-class sweet tooth cravings!

Grandma Pucci’s Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream cone turned upside down into plastic cup
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The presentation of the ice cream from Grandma Pucci’s may not be considered the most Instagrammable, but the creaminess and flavor of the ice cream will sure make up for it! This family-owned ice cream shop thrives on the work ethic of Grandma Pucci herself, and the shop attributes their success to her. With locations in Chino and La Verne, there is no excuse to not stop by to try their highly-recommended banana graham ice cream. Be on the lookout for their daily specials, which include discounts on milkshakes, single scoops, floats and banana splits!

à la minute
A cup of ice cream in front of a store window
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Located in the ever-so aesthetically pleasing Packing House in downtown Claremontà la minute’s liquid nitrogen ice cream features unique flavors including chocolate lavender and strawberry balsamic. The space of this shop is shared with Augie’s Coffee, so a quick caffeine pick-me-up before or after your ice cream is easily accessible. With plenty of things to do in downtown Claremont, including shopping, the Laemmle movie theater and countless tasty eateries, a stop at à la minute is the perfect end to a date night or friends night out.

The Sweet SwirlIce cream with churros and cereal in itImage via yelp.com

With an astounding five-star Yelp rating, Claremont’s trendy frozen yogurt shop, The Sweet Swirl, is a perfect stop for a sweet treat on a sunny day. The interior of this shop screams spring and summer vibes, complete with pastel pink and green hues, neon signs and white tile walls. What makes The Sweet Swirl different from any other yogurt shop? Their waffle sticks ranging in flavors from Oreo berry to Nutella nut and churro swirly sundaes set them apart and will leave you wanting to come back to try something new next time!

Creams and DreamsCup of ice cream from Creams and DreamsImage via yelp.com

Following the liquid nitrogen ice cream trend, Creams and Dream in Chino Hills provide chilly ice cream treats using fresh and organic ingredients. Their flavors range from your average cookies and cream and vanilla bean, but we can rave about their unique flavors such as fresh avocado, orange honey and maiz con queso all day long! This shop is conveniently located near Harkins Chino Hills movie theater, so be sure to visit after catching your next flick!

Space RollRolled ice cream from Space Roll in front of a nebula wallImage via yelp.com

If you haven’t heard, rolled ice cream has been all the rage in the world of desserts lately. If you’re looking for the perfect place to see that rolled ice cream lives up to its hype, you must try Space Roll in Chino! This shop is about a 15-minute drive from CPP, but you will love the space-themed atmosphere and ice cream that’s totally out of this world. This shop is complete with a nebula wall, big dipper art and cleverly-named space rolls including the strawberry graham cracker Zero Gravity and a green tea flavor called Hello ET that will leave you wanting more.

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