Desserts You Can’t Turn Down

Desserts You Can’t Turn Down

Are you known to have a killer sweet tooth? Here at The Campus Crop, we definitely know the struggle of having to push back those cravings. But let’s face it—there are some desserts you just can’t say “no” to. That is why we’ve created a mouth-watering roundup of sweet treats you won’t be able to turn away.

Sweet Cup’s Waffle Taco Sundae
Sweet Cup’s Waffle Taco Sundaes
Looking to step-up your Taco Tuesday game? Check out these super Insta-worthy Waffle Taco Sundaes over at Sweet Cup. We have our eye on that Monster Ink Sundae (pictured above in the blue waffle), which consists of Oreo & chocolate chip ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies and some chocolate drizzle.

Afters’ Milky BunAfters milky bun with fruity pebbles
After a long day of classes at Cal Poly Pomona, nothing beats treating yourself to some Afters Ice Cream. And they’ve really nailed it with their Milky Bun—think of a warm, fresh glazed donut stuffed with ice cream and your topping of choice. Some of their unique ice cream flavors include Vietnamese Coffee, Peanut Butter S’mores, Jasmine Milk Tea and Churro. And with toppings ranging from Fruity Pebbles to chocolate chip cookies, the combinations are endless. Afters is definitely the perfect after-school treat.

Coolhaus’ Cookie Ice Cream SandwichCoolhaus’ Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
Can you really go wrong with fresh, chewy cookies and ice cream? We don’t think so and over at Coolhaus, they feel the same way. Because regardless of whether you opt for a classic chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream or mix it up with a snickerdoodle cookie paired with some salted caramel ice cream, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you might want to try some of their Fried Chicken & Maple Waffle ice cream.

The Loop’s Handcrafted ChurrosThe Loop’s Handcrafted Churros
Disneyland isn’t the only magical place to get a churro! You haven’t done a churro right unless you’ve tried a handcrafted churro from The Loop. First, you make the hard decision of picking whether you want your churro dipped, glazed, chilled in soft serve—or all of the above! Dipped options include dulce de leche, strawberry, tiramisucookie butter and Nutella. Now with the glazed and chilled options, you can take your churro to the next level by combining the two. Go ahead and indulge yourself with flavors like Choco Crunch, Cookies and Cream, Matcha Crunch and Sprinkle Berry (all pictured above).

MILK’s Macaron Ice Cream SandwichMILK’s macaron ice cream sandwiches
Fruity Pebbles have been making a huge appearance on the list, but if you’re a real fan, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Milk’s macaron ice cream sandwiches (pictured above). And since their sandwiches are made with macarons—not to be mistaken for macaroons—they’re sturdier compared to other ice cream sandwiches. Sandwich flavors range from Thai Tea to Red Velvet, so even if you’re not a huge cereal fan you’re still bound to find your next favorite ice cream sandwich treat.

Churro Borough’s Ice Cream SandwichesChurro Borough’s Ice Cream Sandwich
Still swooning over The Loop’s handcrafted churros? Well, you’re in luck because Churro Borough has kicked it up a notch with their churro ice cream sandwiches. Because what’s not to love when you have a warm, fresh churro that pairs perfectly with any of their numerous ice cream flavors such as Spicy Hot ChocolateSpanish Latte and Chocolate Cookie Malt?

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