DIY Dog Costumes That Everyone Will Love This Halloween

DIY Dog Costumes That Everyone Will Love This Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away and we know you’ve been preparing the most stellar costume for yourself, but what about your furry friends? Don’t forget, they deserve to have fun this Halloween too! Thanks to our list of easy DIY costumes, your pup will now have a creative and adorable ensemble to sport this holiday.

Warning, if you’re as obsessed with dogs as we are, prepare yourself for some cuteness overload. Here are some of our faves!

Starbucks Cup

Image via Brit + Co.

How do you like your coffee? Whether your pup is a Tall, Grande, Venti or a Trenta, this Starbucks cup costume is perfect for any sized dog. The materials you’ll need to brew up this masterpiece include a white dog shirtiron-on transfer paperbrown paperOne-Wrap Velcroa black marker, a to-go coffee lid, an ironhot glue gun and scissors. See Brit + Co.’s step-by-step article for more details on how to make it.


Image via Pinterest  

We had to include this one, because who doesn’t love pizza? All you will need to create this cheesy creation are pieces of colored felt fabric, scissors and a hot glue gun. Brown or tan felt is a must for the crust, yellow for the cheese and any other colors for your toppings of choice. For a visual, check out this tutorial!


Image via Eat Sleep Make

One salmon roll, please! Your pupper will definitely catch attention in this colorful handmade sushi roll costume come Oct. 31. Stop by your favorite craft store for green, orange and white feltblack fleeceVelcrotoy stuffing and a sewing machine. For in-depth photos on how to put this costume together, check out Eat Sleep Make’s guide. If you’re not a gifted sewer, you can always use fabric glueinstead.

Chia Pet

Image via The Flirty Blog

We can’t stop saying “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia” every time we see this adorable costume! Transform your pup into the popular terracotta and chia figurine we all know and love with only a few simple supplies: Muslinplastic aquarium plants, green feltterracotta colored fabric and a sewing machine or fabric glue. Make sure to buy materials that will feel comfortable for your pet. We suggest plastic plants that won’t poke and fabric that is stretchy enough for your pup to move around in. Refer to The Flirty Blog for instructions to make this one of a kind costume.

Beanie Baby

Image via Brit + Co.  

This costume will have ‘90s kids reminiscing for days! Your cute canine will be transformed into the popular Beanie Baby toy with just one iconic red “Ty” tag. Best of all, you’ll only need five supplies with no sewing required. Grab some white felt, red felt, ribbon, a hot glue gun and scissors and you’re all set! See Brit + Co’s tutorial for more photos and measurements.

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