Stages Of Being Ghosted… Happens To The Best Of Us

Stages Of Being Ghosted… Happens To The Best Of Us

Guest Author: Moises McCulloch 

We have all been here, or we have put someone through this and I am here to bring awareness to it: ghosting. According to Urban Dictionary, ghosting is quietly disappearing from someone you’ve met on an online dating site. You meet the ghoster once, maybe twice and all of a sudden they drop out of your life as if you never met them. You question every move you make, everything you say and worst of all, you begin to question your worth. Here are the steps of being ghosted, and remember, you are not alone.

1. Your first date seemed promising.
Girl Laughing

2. You see that they opened your Snapchat and didn’t respond.
Girl chewing gum

3. You create fictional situations to why they may not be responding… death?
Oprah thinking

4. You check their social media for the tenth time that day.
Owl and chipmunk

5. You’ve seen that they have posted a picture.
Sweaty dog

6. You have come to the conclusion they are still alive…but still NO response.
Girl looking at phone

7. You question your existence in this world.
Olivia Pope

8. Your anger sets in.
Girl in rage

9. You decide that maybe it wouldn’t have worked out between you two.
Two men shaking hands

10. Back to Tinder you go.
Tinder app

11. Three months later they reappear in your life and you have to make the decision whether you would like to torture yourself again.
Confused Patrick
Being ghosted sucks, but it happens to everyone. If you have ever been ghosted, let us know by sharing with us using #CampusCropChat on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Follow us on Snapchat @ASICPP!

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