Deal Breaker Dates

Deal Breaker Dates

Dating is a strange, exciting and sometimes messy part of any single person’s life. Whether you strike gold and meet your soulmate on the first date or have a steady dating life, you’re bound to hear stories of dates gone horribly wrong. For your entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of first-date dealbreakers. Feel free to laugh or cringe at your leisure.

Farting/ Burping is a no
A girl calls burping a mouth fart
It should go without saying that when someone is on a date, they should be on their best behavior. If your date shows their nasty habits like picking at hangnails, scratching their pits at the table, burping or farting openly, it’s time to go. It’s rare that your date will make a comeback after letting one rip.

Bringing up exes
Futurama character cries into his hands
Hopefully, you don’t land a date with the miserable person pining away after their last “big” ex. It shows that they clearly haven’t moved on, it’s a little creepy and it makes you feel like the second option.

Making plans for your future in front of you
Doc says good bye to Marty McFly
The scariest part of relationships is long term commitment. Conversations revolving around moving in together, marriage and kids can definitely wait until, you know, AFTER the first few dates!

Reminiscing on their “glory days” in high school
An old woman reflects on the years
Much like pining over their ex, it will get awkward if all your date can talk about is what a superstar they were in high school. If your date starts doing this, maybe it’s time to edge yourself out of your seat and excuse yourself.

Criticizing your date’s appearance
Emma Stone criticizes someone
There is no way anyone can spin a rude date who criticizes their appearance into a positive story! When has a couple ever started their story with, “He said I looked tired and ugly but now we’re married!”

Being talked over
Reality star puts her foot down
Be wary of initial warning signs, such as bad communication. If someone is rude enough to interrupt or talk over you on your first date, expect this behavior to continue long into your relationship. Get outta that date.

Bringing up deepest, darkest secrets on the first date
Chandler from "Friends" says something is tmi
Yes, sometimes you “just click” with someone on the first date, but be wary about someone spilling their most personal stories on the first date. It can be incredibly overwhelming when all you really want to know is what their hobbies are.

Paying more attention to their phone than you
Girl tells her friend she's on the phone
Phone etiquette goes a long way with dating. You want to know that your date is interested in you, right? That might be hard if their face is buried in their phone. Again, see the section on “bad communication.”

Social media stalking, in front of you
Dave Franco reblogs a selfie
We all do a little Facebook or Instagram research on our crushes, but there are actually people who will do it in front of you on the first date. You will know it’s time to go when your date pulls up a post from September 2016 and asks, “So what event was this anyway?” Maybe block them on social media while you’re at it.

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