How To Survive A Music Festival

How To Survive A Music Festival

There are certain truths all festival goers live by, such as the importance of strategically choosing which stage to spend the day at or finding the best spot by the charging towers. Whether you are a festival newbie or a grizzled pro, here are some things to consider before you take off to your next festival.

First things first; pack the essentials!
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You know those cute festivals pics with people jumping carefree in front of a Ferris wheel? Don’t be fooled into thinking they showed up to the festival with just their shorts and a fanny pack. If you’ve ever been to a festival lasting more than two days, you know what a trek it is. If this is your first, be prepared for anything! Make sure you pack the essentials including:

  • A portable charger
  • Wallet with your ID and at least $40 in cash
  • Sunglasses
  • A light jacket for layering because you best believe it’s not gonna be 99 degrees all day and night
  • Sunblock, even if you “just tan”
  • Check the festival’s guidelines for what kinds of water bottles are allowed inside the venue


Figure out the transportation sitch.
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After the initial excitement of buying the tickets to your dream festival has subsided, consider how you’re going to get there. Festivals usually have a transportation FAQ page on their website to help you out. If you feel guilty about wasting gas for a whole weekend, consider alternative transportation. For example, FYF partners with the Los Angeles Metro for 24-hour line service on the festival weekend. Carpooling is also a win-win.


Use the buddy system!
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Never underestimate the power of the buddy system! Festivals can be chaotic and cramped making it nearly impossible to find your buds if you happen to get separated. If you go in a big group, make sure you choose one festival buddy and never let them go. Two lost friends are better than one!


Memorize at least one phone number from your group.
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If you do happen to get lost, prepare yourself and make sure you memorize or at least write down the phone number of the most reliable person in your group. The worst thing you could do is get lost with a dead phone battery and no way to call or text your friends.


Have a meeting spot.
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Lost or not, make sure you and your friends have a meeting spot! You and your friends want to catch your favorite artist, but they’re at different stages? Split up, but agree to meet at a recognizable spot at a specific time. Like that disco trash can at Coachella. This is your festival fam and you have to stick together!


Download the festival app (or map).
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Since you’re going to be spending the whole day at this festival, take the time to get familiar with the venue. Find the water stations, charging towers, medical tents, bathrooms and of course, all the different stages. Some festivals have apps you can download or you can always screenshot the map.


Check on your friends.
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Sometimes your day can go sour at a festival, which makes sense; you’re in the sun for more than eight hours, you’re probably hungry, not getting enough water, people are being annoying, the crowds are so thick you can’t even see your fave on stage…it’s a lot. That being said, check on your friends every so often. Maybe they want to go home or they’re feeling sick, but they’re too embarrassed to admit it.


Make sure you stay hydrated.
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There’s really no excuse for you to be dehydrated at a festival, not with all the water stations around. Read up on the festival guidelines, find out what kind of water bottles you’re allowed to bring inside the venue because you don’t want security to throw your glass water bottle away at the door.

Once you’ve done that, make sure you fill up throughout the day! If you don’t, you can pass out from heat exhaustion or dehydration, which means you will be spending the festival in a medical tent.


Organize your sets.
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Ahh, perhaps the most important part of the festival is making sure you don’t miss your favorite acts! The festival organizer will always release set times and stage locations before the event, giving you enough time to map out your day. So at least if Lorde and Khelani’s set times overlap, you’ll know in advance so you can decide who to skip on the way there.


Don’t bum yourself out!
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I’m going to say this again, festivals are a trek! They can drain you, whether it’s because of the heat or rude festival goers. It’s easy to get upset, maybe even to the point of wanting to dip out early but listen, don’t bum yourself out! Maybe you got sunburnt, lost your sunglasses and got accidentally punched in the face in that mosh pit. Remember that you’re at a festival, you’re here to enjoy good times with your friends and you’re seeing some of the biggest names in music LIVE. Hopefully, this is enough to get you stick it out for the rest of the festival. Don’t forget, it’s all part of the experience and will definitely make for a good story!


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