Tips on Traveling with a College Budget

Tips on Traveling with a College Budget

If you’re longing for a dream getaway with your closest friends while you’re still in college, don’t get discouraged! With a little research, you and your buds can find travel tips that will make the most of your college student budget. Consider this your travel guide and keep scrolling:

Airbnb's logo on a window
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Airbnb is the college student’s go-to travel companion. With hosts in 191 countries offering discounted lodging, you’re sure to find a private room, apartment or even mansion wherever you choose to go. Download this app ASAP so you don’t miss out on quality deals. The perks of this app include being able to see reviews from past visitors, photos of your new crash site and more! Make sure to keep an eye out for the Superhost badge, a status reserved for the most credible hosts on the app.

American Airlines student discount
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American Airlines decided to take pity on us college students just trying to travel and have fun. They now have student discounts for their flights! Going through their usual site will land you regularly priced tickets, so make sure to bookmark StudentUniverse and book your tickets there.


Consider alternatives to flying
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OK, so this one only applies if you’re traveling in the United States, but if you’re down for a road trip, consider using other modes of transportation like buses or trains! $29 to get to Las Vegas? Umm yes, please. That’s Megabus for you. Traveling by train can also save you a significant amount of money, leaving you with extra spending money once you get to your destination.


Download money-saving apps to budget ahead
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Maybe you aren’t in the position right now to drop some cash on a bus or train ticket. It’s cool, you can budget ahead with money saving apps! A popular one right now is Mint, which allows you to make personalized budgets and track your monthly costs. That way you’ll know if you need to adjust your spending habits before you hit the road.


EF College Break
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EF College Break is a platform for college students to keep up with the latest travel offers. The site regularly updates their packages such as a nine-day grand tour of Ireland or a visit to Greece and Italy. Each tour includes round-trip flights, a tour guide, private transportation and accommodations. It’s basically your one-stop travel guide designed with the college student in mind.

Hotel Tonight
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This app is geared more for the spontaneous traveler. So you booked a discounted flight with American Airlines and now you’re in another state? Pull up Hotel Tonight and choose from any of the unsold rooms from hotels in the area. Because the hotels want to fill their rooms, they will be discounted so it’s a win-win for everyone.


A tropical hostel with hammock
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Before you start drawing conclusions about hostels, take into consideration the perks: communal living with other travelers, usually free wi-fi and a taste for the local culture. Plus, they are always less expensive than booking a room at a hotel, especially if you’re traveling abroad. If you’re still feeling iffy, check out this list of best hostels of 2017.


International Student Identity Card
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Now you can ask “do you take student ID” wherever you go! For about $30, you can invest in an International Student Identity Card, which proves your status as a college student no matter where you travel. The card also means you’re eligible for student discounts in other countries, which can definitely come in handy.


Work/ volunteer abroad
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If you’re planning on traveling abroad and staying out there for a while, it would be a good idea to look into work or volunteer opportunities before you book any flights. You don’t want to run out of money in another country, do you? Research which countries offer working holiday visas, search for freelance work or even look into teaching English at local schools! Some hostels will even let you work in exchange for a room.

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