Winter 2017 Intramural Sports Championship Recap

Winter 2017 Intramural Sports Championship Recap

Guest author Emily Beglarian        

Winter Quarter was packed with opportunities for Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) students to get involved in ASI Campus Recreation Intramural Sports (IM Sports)! Some of the special-event highlights include the Kickball Tournament, Swim Meet and 3-Point Shootout. In addition to those, volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer and dodgeball each had leagues that have now come to a close. The leagues were five weeks long, with the top teams qualifying for playoffs, which were held during Week 10. Teams suited up for one final playoff push before buckling down for finals, and champions emerged. Here’s a recap of the IM Sports Championship Week.

IM Sports are single elimination, so teams that lost one game lost their chance to win the trophy and an exclusive Winter 2017 championship t-shirt. Here were the rankings for each sport heading into playoffs and the winner of each division.


Division Men’s Competitive Men’s Recreational Co-Rec Men’s Residential Women’s Residential
Teams In the Playoffs 1. Too Much Sauce2. AGA

3. Life is Ball

4. Phi Kappa Tau

5. Sigma Chi

6. Sigma Alpha Epsilon

7. The Bric Shooters


1. Fake Taxi2. How I Met Your Daughter

3. Applebee’s

4. The Ayman’s

5. Hi-Five

6. The 0-76ers

7. The Gammas

8. Uncivilized

9. Chef’s Special

10. The Pretty Good Team

11. FiNeSsE

12. Young Team

13. Master Minds

1. Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead2. Kareem n’Suga


4. Hakeem the Meme

5. Ball-A-Holics

6. Bad, Boujee and Barkada

1. Montecito2. Bonita/Sol B

3. Alamitos

4. Palmitas

5. Aliso

1. Montecito2. Cedritos


Final Game 1. Too Much Sauce3. Life is Ball 1. Fake Taxi11. FiNeSsE 2. Kareem n’ Suga4. Hakeem the Meme 1. Montecito5. Aliso 1. Montecito2. Cedritos


Winner 1. Too Much Sauce (56-41) 1. Fake Taxi (44-36) 2. Kareem n’ Suga (45-42) Aliso (62-48) Montecito (25-0)

Dodgeball champions The Dream Team pose

Division Men’s Co-Rec
Teams in Playoffs 1. Sofa Kings2. Mediocre Matts 1. Average Joe’s2. The Dream Team
Winner Sofa Kings (3-0) The Dream Team (3-1)

The indoor soccer champs pose with their trophy

Indoor Soccer
Division Men’s Competitive Men’s Recreational Co-Rec
Teams in the Playoffs 1. Liverpool2. Madrid

3. Pisting Boyz

4. Local’s Only!

5. PSG

6. Tau Kappa Epsilon

1. Beercelona FC2. Beeryern Munich

3. Gamma Zeta Alpha


1. THEM2. greg?

3. Royalty

4. The Victorious Secret


Final Game 3. Pisting Boyz5. PSG 1. Beercelona FC3. Gamma Zeta Alpha 1. THEM2. Royalty
Winner PSG (6-5) 1. Beercelona FC (10-4) 1. THEM (9-5)


Division Men’s Co-Rec Women’s
Teams in the Playoffs 1. Phi Kappa Tau2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon

3. Chosen Few

1. The Pancakers!2. That’s What She Set

3. BEST Crew

4. Aye-Lit-So

5. Moon Kings

6. ASA

7. Chosen Few

8. Filipino Pliers

9. Los Broncos

10. The Village

11. Notorious D.I.G.

1. ZTA2. Sigma Kappa
Final Game 1. Phi Kappa Tau2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1. The Pancakers!3. BEST Crew 1. ZTA2. Sigma Kappa
Winner 2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2-0) 3. BEST Crew (2-1) 1. ZTA (2-0)


The road to IM Sports Championship Week is not easy. It involves team chemistry, persistence and dedication. Some teams have to play multiple games during Championship Week in order to work their way to the top of their bracket. Despite the challenges, 13 teams showed that they had what it takes to make it into the IM Sports Trophy Case!  Check out their photos on our website or next to our trophies next quarter at the BRIC (Bldg. 42)!

Do YOU have what it takes to be an IM Sports champion? Next quarter’s IM Sports will be softball, basketball, flag football and soccer. Get your team signed up by April 14! You can sign up at Member Services at the BRIC or online at Rec Portal.