ASI Alumni Spotlight: Brian Y. Marsh

ASI Alumni Spotlight: Brian Y. Marsh


Head shot of ASI alumni Brian Y. Marsh

Years with Associated Students Inc. (ASI): Two years, 2010-2012

Job Title with ASI: Multimedia Developer / Videographer

Graduation Date: December 2012

Major: Business administration with an emphasis in advertising

Clubs and Organizations at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP): ASI

Current position title: Co-Founder / Creative Director

Company: Substance Media, Inc.

What do you think is the best thing about ASI?

The best thing about ASI is the culture and overall environment. Working alongside people who are driven to achieve their goals and love the work they do makes for a very enriching and priceless college experience.

Why did you want to work with ASI’s marketing department?

As a commuter student, I wanted to find something that grounded me to CPP; something that complimented the education I was receiving, while allowing me to pursue my passion. ASI offered me all of those things, with the added bonus of being a job. When I applied to work in the marketing department, I instantly fell in love with the culture and leadership. The pro-staff at ASI’s Marketing, Design and Public Relations (MDPR) department is responsible for facilitating the great work environment at MDPR and often provided me with wisdom and guidance when it came to my education and career.

What is your favorite video/movie and why?

I love storytelling, so it’s impossible to pick one! My favorite movies are usually dark, cerebral and atmospheric. My favorite film influences are usually those of the science fiction genre and are firmly rooted in the human condition. I love the types of movies that make you dream about the future and give deep thought to the present.

What new technology are you most excited about in the multimedia industry?

I have been enthralled by the recent advancements in drone technology and virtual reality. I see each of these advancements not only as innovations in technology, but also as innovations in storytelling. Artists now have new ways of crafting their story with tools that unlock the potential to bring their ideas to life. I am definitely looking forward to watching these technologies develop.

What is your best advice about photography?

My best advice about photography is to dedicate the time to learn as much as you can from others, challenge yourself with new opportunities and never stop learning. If you have a passion for this field, you should always push yourself to learn new techniques and skills. If you are constantly growing, you will be better able to evolve with the industry and achieve your goals!

How did ASI enhance your college experience and contribute to your path to graduation?

I received something very unique at ASI: a formative experience that not only allowed me to socialize with my peers, but also gave me the opportunity to grow my skill sets and network. I was able to plant my roots on campus in a way that I wouldn’t have experienced if I didn’t work at ASI. Between classes, I would have a place to not only study, but to also develop the skills I continue to use each and every day.

Having had to finance my own college education, working on campus also helped me ease the financial burden of going to school and directly contributed to being able to graduate in a timely manner.

What did you learn at ASI that helped you prepare for your current job?

ASI helped me learn the skills that prepared me for working in a collaborative environment. There were many projects at ASI that required a full team’s effort: writer, graphic designer, web developer, photographer, videographer and editor. Being able to communicate effectively with each of those creative components, in order to deliver a product that meets a project’s goals and sets the bar for creativity, is a very important component of what I do in my role as a creative director.

The culture at ASI was one that I not only learned a lot from, but one that I have also have been inspired by. One of the goals I have for my company is to cultivate an environment like the one I experienced at ASI MDPR and develop a work culture that fosters skills and creativity.

What professional skills did you learn while working at ASI that you use in your current job?

In addition to learning communication skills, I also honed my skills as a videographer, editor, animator, graphic designer and director while at ASI. I use each of these skills in my job as a creative director. Over the two years I worked at ASI, I was given many projects that expanded my knowledge and skills within each of these fields.

What advice do you have for CPP students?

I believe that it is important to create your own opportunities. You are going to school to educate yourself and grow your knowledge, but opportunities are often not going to seek you out. You must proactively position yourself to achieve your goals. ASI’s marketing department was a very important component to my growth as an artist and an entrepreneur, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work for ASI if I had not put in the time and effort to gain the skills I needed to be a part of the team.

What has changed about you since you graduated?

I do not feel like anything has changed about me on a fundamental level since I graduated. Mostly, I have re-affirmed my career direction and have a more solidified outlook on my future. This is, in part, due to the culmination of education and work experience with ASI at CPP.

What is your most memorable CPP experience?

My most memorable experience at CPP was being a part of ASI. Specifically, the marketing department. My fondest memory of my time with ASI is the ASIgraduation ceremony in 2012. It was during that ceremony that I realized I wasn’t just leaving a normal job; I was also graduating with a family of creative individuals. Each person I worked with continues to grow and thrive within their respective industry, and I am always impressed with their achievements.

What advice would you give to students who are not actively involved with ASI?

If you have the opportunity to work with ASI, you should strongly consider it. Not only would you be a part of an environment that encourages your personal growth and success, but you would also have the opportunity to invest in a network of individuals who are invested in their future!

What are some words to live by?

My favorite words of wisdom were spoken by the late Christopher Hitchens, “Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty and wisdom will come to you that way.”

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