“The Avengers: Infinity War” Sneak Peak is Making Our Inner Nerd Freakout

“The Avengers: Infinity War” Sneak Peak is Making Our Inner Nerd Freakout

So, here’s what happened: Marvel made us all prematurely cry by releasing a SUPER early pre-sneak peek teaser trailer (honestly, I have no idea how to label this video). Here’s the video for those of you who have yet to watch:

Alright, let me just wipe up my tears so we can begin to break down everything we just saw and maybe even find out more details about this soon-to-be hit film.


Spiderman, Iron Man and Star-Lord all in one shot.

*High pitched scream* Yes, that is Spiderman, Iron Man and Star-Lord all in one shot. On set. What is this scene?! I want to watch it now!

The pre-sneak peek teaser trailer then gives us a close up of our new favorite Avenger: Spiderman played by Tom Holland
tom holland looking perfect

We then go down a nostalgic trip of images from Iron Man‘s first film to remind us that Robert Downey Jr. runs this show.
iron man being directed by jon favreau

Then we see an image of the first Avengers film because Marvel wants to remind us why they are immortal.
behind the scenes of the avengers film

Hope you got some squeals of excitement left in you because we just got some more confirmed characters appearing in the film.
trading cards with rocket raccoon, scarlet witch, falcon, and the winter solider

How big is this film? Well, they have two directors. Both of which are sporting the “I’m already stressed” look, or as I call it “the week 10” look.
russo brothers

We are suddenly, and rudely, reminded that everyone hates Tony Stark. (Don’t cry, Tony. I’m here for you).
tony stark sad

BTW: Two directors is not enough; they also needed two writers. Of course, this movie needs two of everything!
two film writers who looked stressed

At this point, the conspiracies start flying:

Where did these suits come from?! What about the end of Iron Man 3″? Where is Pepper Potts?! Why am I yelling?!
tony stark in front of iron man suits

Is this the script?! Is this a compilation of the entire Infinity War” series of comics?! Who annotated and how do I apply for that internship?!
script for infinity war

Why does Thanos look like a schoolyard bully?! What’s he looking at?!
thanos looking tough

Just. I mean. No comment. I can’t EVEN RIGHT NOW.
concept art

After the concept art and crying is over, Marvel once again reminds us that if you don’t watch all the movies, and make them rich, you won’t know diddly-squat what’s going on by showing us all the Infinity Stones together.
infinity stones

And just a swiftly as it began, the sneak peek ends.
avengers infinity war title card

Well, I’m going to go sleep until its release date on May 2018. Are you excited for
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