The Cast of “The Office” and Their Nostalgic Social Media Accounts

The Cast of “The Office” and Their Nostalgic Social Media Accounts

If you are a fan of “The Office,” then you understand what it feels like to occasionally turn on Netflix and rewatch your favorite episode, reliving some of the show’s classic moments like the fire drill, Holly and Michael’s nerdy relationship and so many others. You’re not alone in your nostalgic feelings! If social media has shown us anything, it’s that the cast from The Office” also has some nostalgic feelings themselves.

John Krasinski:  
What’s a #DundeeDanceChallenge and how to I get involved?

Jim and Pam forever! Ugh, my heart!

Jenna Fischer: 
This photo literally started a whole movement which led to Chilli’s unbanning Pam Halpert from their restaurant chains.

And of course, who could forget that iconic theme song? Definitely not Fischer.
Angela Kinsey & Jenna Fischer:
Fun fact: They were best friends behind the scenes.

Angela Kinsey:
Kinsey has a reputation for posting about “The Office” pretty consistently.

Oh, how I miss the beets. When are we getting our spin-off?!


Brian Baumgartner:

Much like his character Kevin, Baumgartner enjoys his sports references!

B.J. Novak:
Novak, who played Ryan, posted the ultimate #TBT.


Ed Helms:
Here is Ed Helms using his character Andy as an emotional surrogate.

Creed Bratton:
Creed is still saying a bunch of random weird stuff that makes us so uncomfortable we can’t help but laugh.

Steve Carell who, let’s face it, carried the show as Michael Scott, deleted his trolling tweet about “The Office” returning.

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