Questions we Had Watching the Season 5 Trailer of “OITNB”

Questions we Had Watching the Season 5 Trailer of “OITNB”

Every “Orange is the New Black” fan has been on edge since the dramatic ending of Season 4. If you’ve seen it, you were a wreck. If you haven’t, catch up so you can fully appreciate the magnitude of the brand new trailer for Season 5, which is slated to air on NetflixJune 9.
*Beware, spoilers ahead*

Running for a grand total of 15 seconds, the trailer gave us so many feels but also raised some questions.

How will the writers confront that scene? You know which scene I’m talking about.
Daya holds a gun in the last scene of season 4
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Is Daya going to run the prison now? In a moment of unity, will the whole prison revolt? Will they force Litchfield to enact actual prison reform? They better answer this ASAP because I won’t be able to handle the suspense for one whole season.


According to Moviepilot, the new season will take place over three days. How is that going to play out?
Piper is confused
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Excuse me, but how? We all know how much drama goes on in one day alone at Litchfield. Now you’re cutting us off after three days? I suspect foul play from the writers.


Maritza, hello? Are you there? Why is she not in the trailer?
Maritza and Flaca work together in kitchen
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Dear writers of “OITNB”,
Please don’t tear apart our favorite BFFs Maritza and Flaca. Maritza was noticeably absent in the trailer and I am NOT prepared for another “OINTB“ curveball.


What happened to Lolly?
Lolly nervously looks around
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Lolly’s story and subsequent rough treatment at the hands of insensitive prison guards was one of the most painful things to watch last season. I know she’s a character on a Netflix show, but I hope the writers treat her well.


How is Soso coping after the drama of season 4? 
Soso is overwhelmed by prison life
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Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen Season 4 yet, Soso loses someone close to her. She’s always been an outsider at Litchfieldbut now that she’s on her own, how is she gonna handle it?


Will Season 5 be the last we see of Piper?
Piper strides through Litchfield confidently
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Seeing as it only spans three days and the show was approved for two more seasons, I have to hope that the only answer for the rushed time frame is that Piper gets out early.


Speaking of Piper, did she actually grow up yet?
Piper sadly shakes her head
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went through her own set of problems during her time at Litchfield and for the longest time, I absolutely hated her. I still low-key do, but I’m rooting for more character growth this season! Did she learn from her past attempt at prison dominance? Is she going to learn how to coexist with the rest of the prison cliques? Will she lay low for the rest of her time at Litchfield?


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